Luminous Stacking Bracelet


The Luminous Bracelet is made with renewable cheesewood in a rosey hue, matte rose quartz and angel aura quartz to soften the soul and invite in your luminous nature. Wood grounds our energy field providing a sense of stability. Feel the invisible energies supporting you. Rose quartz heals and nurtures the heart to bring harmony so that it can move into balance and more powerfully integrate what's coming up and what's going down. Angel aura quartz connectsyou to higher levels of consciousness so that you may transcend the ego mind and tap into your highest essence, being led by true wisdom, by source energy of which you are a part. As you stabilize your field and allow more light to flow in, integrating this wisdom, you become more and more luminous. Shine bright!

Mantra: I embody my highest essence. I am luminous.

  • Crystal energy for radiating your luminous essence
  • Supports the root, heart and crown chakras for balance and expansion
  • Intuitively made for energetic support
  • Handmade and blesses with reiki to impart high vibes
  • Comes on stretchy elastic cord to easily slip over the hand
  • Approximately 7.5" in length

 Natural stones may vary slightly in color and shape.

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