Mala Making Kit - Abundance

Make your own mala!

This mala making kit includes 108 beads, a guru bead, three beading needles, string, and a tassel. Our mala making ebook (purchased separately) will guide you step-by-step on how to make your own mala, and it will share the background and information on how to use your mala for deepening your spiritual journey and raising your vibration.

Sure you can buy a mala, but making it makes your piece so much more special and it infuses your energy into it from the very beginning, aligning it with your energetic field. It is your very own creation that will assist you in the process of co-creating your reality. Pretty powerful stuff!

The abundance mala has been thoughtfully designed to help manifest health, wealth and prosperity, and provide energetic protection. While financial abundance may offer more freedom in life, if we are not healthy enough to enjoy it, are we really free? Abundance in love, happiness, health, and mental wellbeing are just as important as financial abundance. The abundance mala takes all of this into consideration to help me attract vibrance, wellbeing, and prosperity. The mala design includes tulsi, a powerful adaptogenic herb that reduces inflammation and dispels negativity offering protection. Burmese jade imparts serenity, longevity, and warmth and is known to promote, a calm, happy, and healthy life. It is known as the 'stone of heaven' and balances the emotions and heart chakra to instill love and peacefulness.

Citrine transforms negative energy into positive energy to bring about more joy and happiness. It supports the solar plexus chakra promoting confidence, courage, and self-esteem. It is a powerful stone for attracting wealth, success, and prosperity and is especially wonderful for those starting a new business. Additionally, citrine will help to mitigate greed and attachment to your wealth. Pyrite is also supportive to the solar plexus chakra and carries a masculine energy that supports manifestation and following your dreams. Also called the 'stone of luck,' pyrite attracts abundance, wealth, and prosperity. It shields negative energy and blocks energy leaks that can cause you to lose your money. It is protective of environmental pollution and supports emotional wellbeing. Dalmatian jasper is used just above the guru bead as a reminder to carry joy and lightness in the heart. This stone helps us to not take ourselves too seriously and remember to have fun. It also provides the protective energies and grounding of black tourmaline which appear as the little black specks in this stone. The bright yellow green tassel is a color of manifestation, confidence, self-esteem, and happiness, also supportive to the solar plexus chakra.

Note that with use, tulsi will develop a darker appearance as the oils from your skin come into contact with it. Think of it how leather becomes richer over time with wear developing its own unique characteristics. This will symbolize the beauty of your journey.

As your practice develops your mala you will develop a special relationship with your mala and it will start feel like an old friend.

Check out the mala making ebook, The Art of Mala Making, Ritual, and Practice.

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    Karin C.
    United States United States
    Very easy to make and fun

    I really enjoyed making my Mala. this was great for chakra meditation and setting my intention. I silently chanted the bija mantra RAM for the Manipura chakra and visualized the yantra while I strung my beads. I definitely connected to my Mala more when it’s made by me and can feel it’s vibrant energy. This kit was the one I felt most drawn to. I love the combination of citrine and jade, along with the dalmatian jasper bead and bright yellow tassel.

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