Moss Agate Tumbled Stone

Moss agate is the stone of mother nature. It is a wonderful stone for growth, abundance and tranquility. It provides emotional balance and helps to bring calm during times of stress or unease. It is a stone for new beginnings bringing hope and inspiration after periods of stagnation. It helps to connect you to nature bringing a sense of wholeness, balance and raising self-esteem seeing your connection in all things.  

  • Supports heart chakra with balance and calming
  • Supports new beginnings and brings energies of abundance
  • Has a beautiful range of colors from greens, tans and reddish tones
  • Polished stones are smooth around the edges
  • Perfect for carrying in your pocket or using in crystal grids
  • Stones will vary in size from .75"-1.2"

Every stone is a unique and natural product. The colors, shape and size may vary slightly from the photos.

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