Natural Abalone Shell

Abalone shells are used to catch the ashes and debris when smudging. As a natural material, shells make the perfect addition to your sacred rituals and offer splendor and beauty to your alter table or sacred space.

Abalone offers gentle, relaxing vibrations that are calming and soothing to the spirit. It serves as a reminder that even though we can be tossed about as a shell is tossed through the sea, we develop great beauty along the way that is uniquely our own.

  • Unique and natural abalone shells from the ocean
  • Perfect for using when smudging to catch ashes and debris from sage, palo santo or dried herbs
  • Offers relaxing and calming vibrations
  • Beautiful addition to your bohemian decor or sacred space
  • Approximately 4-5" in length but size may vary slightly as every shell is unique

Every shell is a unique and natural product. The inside and outer shell may vary from the images shown.

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