Noble Shungite

Noble Shungite is considered the most powerful form of EMF protection. Like regular shungite, it has grounding, purifying and protective abilities. What makes it a level above regular shungite is the amount of carbon it contains. Noble shungite will be comprised of 90-98% carbon making it a superior form of this mineral and a stronger stone at dissolving EMFs. Shungite is believed to be an ancient healing stone that helps purify the energy field around it by absorbing negative vibrations.

  • Associated with the base chakra, hence radiates powerful grounding energy.
  • Helps you fortify your energy boundaries against electromagnetic stress, blocks negative vibrations and boosts positive energy through the aura by infusing light.
  • Useful for detoxifying and healing your energy field, and hence is ideal for use in aura cleansing baths.
  • Can be carried in your bag or pocket, or can be used in crystal grids.
  • Stone will vary in size from approximately .3"-.7" in length.

Every stone is a unique and natural mineral from the earth and may vary in shape and color from pictures shown.

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