Prehnite Point

Prehnite is a wonderful stone for supporting the heart and solar plexus chakras. It is said to be the 'stone of dreaming' and the 'stone of prophecy' for how it strengthens lucid dreams and working with dreams to develop a deeper inner knowing. It stimulates spiritual growth by awakening the heart and inviting in higher states of love and compassion. It is one of the few stones that connect both heart and solar plexus, which is the house of your personal will. So it supports leading with your heart and fulfilling your heart's deeper purpose with greater ease.
  • Crystal energy for empowering your path with heart based willpower.
  • Supports spiritual growth and ascension and working with dimensional realms.
  • Crystal points direct energy up and out and for this reason serve as powerful generator crystals for the center of crystal grids.
  • Other uses include placing them on a nightstand or some place where you'll see them everyday and appreciate their beauty and positive vibes.
  • Stones will vary in size from approximately 3-4" in height.

Please note that exact size, shape and color may vary slightly from the pictures shown due to the natural of crystal being a natural mineral from the earth.

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