Printable Crystal Grid Bases

Crystal grids combine the energy of individual crystals with sacred geometry to create a powerful force field for amplifying your intentions. 

All of life organizes itself around the sacred geometry. The various shapes are the underpinnings of all creation! That is why they are an essential element to creating a powerful crystal grid.

This 17-page ebook contains 12 different sacred geometry shapes overlaid on beautiful mandalas to further energize each grid with high frequencies. Descriptions for each shape is provided so you can align your intention with the best shape for co-creating your desires. 

Equally important as sacred geometry is your intention! You'll also receive an intention setting sheet that can be incorporated into your own beautiful ceremony. You'll write out your intention and then cut it out and place it near your grid so that the resonance of the words mingles with the potent energetic field you are creating with your grid.

These printable grids are perfect for anyone who:

  • already knows how to create a crystal grid
  • wants to know more about incorporating sacred geometry in their grids
  • wants more options for how to create unique crystal grids

Get started today with creating your own beautiful mandala + sacred geometry infused crystal grids!

You'll receive a downloadable pdf immediately upon purchase.

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