Raw Emerald in Matrix

Emerald is known as the 'stone of successful love' as it carries a pure green ray of light and supports the heart chakra with healing, vitality, growth and renewal. It helps one to embody the highest qualities of the heart such as compassion, unity, love, patience and acceptance. It is known for how it promotes balance between partners, genuine friendship, loyalty and harmony within the home.

These raw pieces showcase bits of beautiful emerald in matrix and are perfect for mineral lovers who appreciate the raw beauty of the earth.

  • Crystal energy for supporting the heart chakra.
  • Supports harmony among families and relationships.
  • This unique mineral specimen is a beautiful piece for your crystal collection.
  • Raw stone means it will be rough around the edges.
  • Approximately 1.2-2"

Each stone is a unique mineral from the earth and may vary in size, shape and color.

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