Raw Rose Quartz Studs

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These chunky rose quartz studs are perfect for any crystal lover! They're made of raw rose quartz held by gold plated prongs and make a modern, minimalist statement for your ears!

Rose Quartz is a master healer, associated with the heart chakra promoting balance, healing, self-love, and expanding the heart with compassion. It has a gentle but powerful energy that radiates love and is supportive with all aspects of love - familial, friend, self-love, romance. It helps to attract romance into your life and strengthen existing relationships. 

As the stone of true, unconditional love, it assists the heart with forgiveness to heal past trauma or negative self talk to bring about more compassion and understanding. Rose quartz offers a beautiful sentiment when given as a gift and is a must have for any crystal enthusiast!

  • Beautiful rose quartz stud earrings imparting vibrations of love and compassion
  • Raw stone offers a stronger energy yet rose quartz is very gentle
  • Versatile enough to wear everyday or even for a night out
  • Chunky design makes a crystal statement for your ears
  • Safe for sensitive ears

Note due to the natural of druzy being a natural mineral from the earth, color and size may vary from the images shown. 

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