Selenite Chakra Cleansing Plate

Selenite is a powerhouse in the world of crystals. Comprised of gypsum, one of the most abundant elements of the earth, it is soft white in color with a linear texture. It clears negative energy and helps to restore emotional balance. It is especially go to use after being around negative people or in crowds or anytime you feel the weight of others' energy.

Selenite is a self charging stone meaning it never has to be cleansed or cleared. It can charge other stones and gemstone jewelry by simply laying them on the selenite.

Use this beautiful plate as a cleansing station for your chakras by simply pointing at your third eye as you hold it during meditation, or by combing it lightly over your body from top to toe, as you visualize the divine White Light infusing your aura.

  • Selenite chakra cleansing plate for clearing negative energy and energy blockages from your body and the energy field surrounding you.
  • Selenite plate can remove blockages from your aura and cleanse it, thereby raising your vibrational energy. 
  • This plate  is approximately 8" in length.
  • It features beautifully etched chakra symbols, serving as a reminder that it is essential for us to realign and harmonize our chakras periodically, for restoring emotional balance, mental clarity and a profound sense of peace.
  • Can also be used to clean your crystal jewelry and crystals by simply placing these on the plate for 5-6 hours.
  • Also great for opening energy of the crown chakra and helping you to establish greater connection to the divine and angelic realm.

Selenite should not be exposed to water as it can dissolve when wet.

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