Self Love Stacking Bracelet

The Self Love bracelet is handmade and designed to impart the energies of warmth, compassion, love, grace and acceptance.

It is made with zebra stone for courage and stamina to be yourself and overcome anxiety; kunzite for self-love and positivity; peruvian opal for self-esteem and confidence; sunstone for energy and strength; wood for grounding; and African vinyl disc beads in lavender to connect you with oneness consciousness. 

Let the energies blend together to support your journey into the heart, expanding into a deeper sense of self-love, acceptance and confidence to be just as you are!

  • Intuitively designed to promote a deeper sense of self-love.
  • Handmade gemstone bracelet with healing crystal energy for raising your vibration.
  • Made with love and blessed with reiki energy in the USA.
  • Comes on stretchy elastic cord and easily slips over your hand.
  • Measures approximately 7.5".
  • Comes with an info card that contains the gemstone information.

Note natural stones will vary slightly in color.

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