Shiva Shell Heart

Shiva shells, also known as 'Pacific Cat's Eye,' comes from a specific type of snail found off the coast of Thailand. Named after Shiva, the Hindu god who is the transformer, it represents the third eye and is known to support spiritual development and expansion and also provide protection and good luck.  

Because it comes from the ocean, it carries ocean energy that supports you with going with the flow and remaining calm.

These shells show us a beautiful representation of the golden ratio in organic life, which symbolizes accomplishing great things with minimal energy and resources. It empowers you to embody this natural current of harmony and flow that is always available to you and it supports you with traveling inward, like the snail to more deeply understand yourself and connect with your own intuition. 

  • Talisman for good luck and awakening your third eye.
  • Supports development of higher states of consciousness. 
  • Connects you with life's natural harmony and flow to awaken high intuition.
  • Approximately 1-1.25"

Note these are natural shell that come from the ocean and may vary slightly in size and color. 

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