Vesica Piscis Crystal Grid Base

This beautiful wood grid is perfect for bringing new creation into form! It features the sacred creation pattern of the vesica piscis which is at the base of all creation and forms the basis of human creation. It represents the principle of as above, so below; the bringing together of two things fostering love and knowledge; and it is the base pattern of light. 

Work with this symbol to bring your intentions into form, to elevate your consciousness and amplify your divine light.  

  • Beautiful wood base for supporting creation, manifestation, love, light and higher consciousness
  • Sacred symbolism inspires higher light
  • Beautifully etched vesica piscis into birch wood
  • Natural wood adds a grounding, organic element to your crystal display
  • Grid is 8" in diameter 

Due to the nature of natural products, slight variations may occur. 

Crystals not included.

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