Awakening to Your Harmonic

Who are you? Who did you come here to be? What ignites your passion and sets your soul on fire?

We all have our own unique signature, our unique expression of the divinity within.

When we can learn to fully embody our unique energy frequency that we came into this world with, we begin to align with our truth, the core of who we are, our purest essence. Life takes on deeper meaningful as we embrace our own harmonic.

The Oxford Dictionary defines harmonic as a noun in two ways, one associated with music: “an overtone accompanying a fundamental tone at a fixed interval, produced by vibration of a string, column of air, etc in an exact fraction of its length”; and the other associated with physics: “a component frequency of an oscillation or wave.”


As humans, we exist as atoms and water and we carry an energy frequency. Our thoughts, emotions and physical body all hold a frequency. Together, they combine to create our energetic signature. It is constantly shifting and changing based on variables such as thought patterns, emotions, the food we eat, sleep, people we come into contact with, what we listen to and watch on TV, exercise and our environment.

The frequency we hold attracts events, people and opportunities that resonate with it. Our vibration signals to the universe which particles to bring into form.

Here’s what that might look like. You hold an average job that you don’t really like but go to because it’s a good job and pays the bills. You wake up to the same routine and maybe you’re a mom with responsibilities to tote your kids around and raise them well. You dream of a deeper sense of purpose but feel too burdened by everyday life to actually make the time and prioritize the investment that it would take for you to pursue your heart’s calling. Meanwhile, you pray or meditate for things to improve.

The universe responds back with dismal results. You don’t understand why you can’t get out of your rut.

It’s a cycle of staying stuck. Stuck in your vibration because the thoughts create unconscious programs that play out over and over until we simply accept it as our truth and don’t question it.

To become unstuck, you must first recognize the energy being that you are. You are comprised of light and carry your own unique light signature. Life force flows through you and connects you to endless possibilities. You get to choose how you manage the flow of energy going out and energy coming into your system. You get to choose what programs you want your cells to store and reflect. You can awaken to your own natural ability to regulate your spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic body.

When we unconditionally accept the universal life force energy within us, we vibrate in harmony with the earth and the cosmos, and life becomes light and expansive. When we step into the powerful role of co-creator – working with our own energetics on a level of self-mastery, we take a more active position in directing our desired outcomes. This is a place of being deeply seated in your personal power – empowerment! And it is your birthright.

If you want to join a community of women who are on a spiritual journey to find deeper truth and meaning and reclaim their inner light, join my Anchor the Light Facebook group. This group is perfect for those of you seeking to become unstuck and truly live your best spiritual life!

Awakening to Your Harmonic

To support you on your journey of awakening to your own inner light and highest potential, I have created MyHarmonic, a sacred serum custom created just for you, calling in the frequencies needed for healing, growth and elevating your consciousness restoring you to your home frequency – your harmonic!

The purpose is to awaken dormant parts of your DNA so that you uncover the lost or hidden parts of yourself, reclaim them and embody more of who you already are and who you came here to be.

The process for creating your bespoke frequency blend is guided by divine intelligence that supersedes what most can comprehend with the human mind. You don’t have to fully understand it, but rather be open to receiving it. The frequencies are called in through sacred sound using precise instruments and vocals. Crystals are intuitively chosen and the frequencies are directed into the crystal where they are stored. The wisdom of the crystals and stored frequencies will direct the oils selected to create the perfect environment for the frequencies.

MyHarmonic also comes with a 3+ page write-up about what frequencies were used and also includes messages from spirit that came through during the creation of your custom frequency. You’ll also receive a personalized mantra for reinforcing the new vibration.

The result is a unique harmonic that will feel and smell amazing. It’s a true co-creation with spirit that incorporates potent moon energy and unique frequencies to awaken and activate the divine wisdom carried within your cells.

These oils are meant to be used throughout the day to bring about moments of mindfulness and connect you to your authentic frequency. You can rub them on the back of your hand smell them, awakening the senses and being fully present in your be-ing. Or you can rub them on your temples or pulse points.

Note the oils are not intended to be perfume, nor are they intended to be a substitute for medical treatment. 

MyHarmonic is intended to spark a sensory experience and is a sacred tool for awakening and raising your vibration. Know that it is all perfect.

Get your personalized MyHarmonic frequency!

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