June 09, 2020 3 min read

The summer solstice is nearing and it is a potent time to work with the natural rhythms of the earth to embody more and more of who we are and we came here to be – our own inner light. This annual landmark is the longest day of the year and the start of summer. It is a time of growth, flexibility, and movement whereby the result is abundance. 

For centuries, cultures, seers and sages have worked with these natural turning points of the seasons because they recognize that we are a part of this natural order of divine intelligence, the interplay of life, nature and the cosmos, unfolding in perfect harmony.

When we fail to recognize this, we fall into dis-harmony with life. We become out of balance and fail to sync with the natural rhythm.

Summer Solstice Blog 

Taking time to go within, reflect, acknowledge with gratitude where you are and set intentions for where you are going is met with powerful energies during this time. Our thoughts and vibrations are amplified.

Now more than ever, our inner work is needed. As our world faces uncertainty, emotional tension and civil unrest, it is apparent that change is not only needed, but it has reached crisis status. The time is now.

In order for the world to change, we must change how it is reflecting back at us. To do this, we must change our thoughts and the unconscious programs that run in the background creating them. We must change habituated patterns that keep us at status quo.

This takes work. Real work. But we can do it. It starts by first deciding – deciding you are all in, that you are ready to be the change. And then deciding what must change first. 

Only you know where the work is needed in your life. You get to decide where to begin. What one belief will liberate you? What one belief is holding you back? What thoughts are contributing more fear and uncertainty to the world?

To dive deep into your subconscious mind to find those seeds of inspiration for real and lasting impact, join me for the Anchor the Light Sumer Solstice Experience. We’ll be working with the energies of the summer solstice to illuminate our inner light, discovering personal insights for empowering the journey ahead. You’ll also connect to your creative spirit and source energy by creating your own affirmation for growth and abundance during this new season. And you’ll seal your intentions by making a bracelet that will serve as a daily reminder of your intentions and offer energetic support. 

This class is being offered both in-person and virtual via Zoom.

Anchor the Light Summer Solstice Experience In-Person

June 16, 6:30pm EST, Cherokee Park

Anchor the Light Summer Solstice Experience Virtual

June 18, 7:00pm EST, Zoom

If attending virtually, materials will be mailed to you in advance of the class. This is an interactive session where you will be invited to share your experience and connect with other participants! Purchase your ticket in advance to ensure your materials arrive on time! 

If attending in-person, be sure to purchase your ticket in advance to save your seat as space is limited. Social distancing will be required.

No prior experience is needed. Just come with an open heart and mind. This work inspires the spirit, raises your vibration and increases resiliency.

We can’t wait to see you there! 


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