Crystals Are Calling, Calling, Calling

Does it seem like crystals have just popped up everywhere? It’s like this new trend coming out of the woodwork and showing up in mainstream places in the form of bookends or as cool prints on graphic tees. What’s with the obsession?

For starters, our thoughts – yours and mine – add to the collective consciousness, the one mind. Over time, more and more souls are waking up to truth. Old ideas are entering minds for the first time, gradually increasing in number to a point of reaching critical mass. This is when it starts to become more mainstream. Suddenly everyone is becoming familiar and talking about it, curious about it, while some are still rejecting these things, safely marching to the beat of the old paradigm.

With more and more souls waking up, it is ushering in an era of new, but old, holistic tools and modalities of healing that have been there all along but lying dormant in a way, dormant only because we’ve been sleeping. If you’re reading this blog post, most likely you’re awake, awakening or lost. Wherever you are on your journey, I’m glad you’re here. Rest easy knowing you are surrounded by love and light.

Crystals are calling

If you find yourself attracted to crystals or curious about them, don’t question it. Trust that there is a reason, that there is healing energy trying to make its way to you. You may not even be aware of the energetic blocks and imprints in your field. Some will tell you to work with a crystal healer or holistic practitioner to choose wisely, cleanse them and work with them. We’ll cover all those things in future blog posts. But for now, trust your higher intelligence. The body and spirit knows what it needs to heal. Go into your heart space and tune out the mind stuff. One simple way of selecting a crystal is to simply scan over them and notice the ones that seem to ‘wink’ at you. This is a good starting place as they likely have something beneficial to offer you. Don’t be afraid to jump in. Even if you acquire a crystal with a purpose for none other than home décor, you will be one step closer to raising your vibration.

Side Note: It is a good idea to clear crystals once you acquire them. This can easily be done by setting them in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours.

If you have no idea where to start with crystals, how to select the right crystals for you, or you're looking to finally hop on the crystal train, join me in my signature Understanding Crystal Energy course where you'll become a go-to crystal expert in no time!

All the love!

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