Five Ways Community Supports Your Authenticity

It is an act of bravery to be yourself in a world that asks you to be like everyone else. There is so much pressure to conform to societal beliefs and standards; and in many ways, we don't even see the extent to which we are impacted. The effects are woven deep into the subconscious mind which largely remains outside of our field of awareness. 

five ways community supports your authenticity

What is in our awareness is the internal conflict we feel when we want to express ourselves deeply but fear what others might think. It's when we feel that tug at our heart to follow a deeper calling, a path that resonates with our soul, but yet we become paralyzed in fear due to uncertainty, self-doubt and the prospect of rejection.

We cannot ignore the ways our which in our soul is guiding us, for it is in following our intuition that we are guided to a life of meaning, fulfillment, joy and flow. At the end of the day, this is what we all seek. But so many fail to go all the way into their hearts to do the inner work necessary to liberate themselves into the freedom of expression, into the soul aligned path, and into this place of leading with inner authority.

What I have found in my group mentorship programs is that when we work inside of community, we find the courage to share our voice. We have a safe place to do the deep dive into self and process with others. And in that discovery, we find the strength to start sharing with external world from a more authentic place.

Here are five ways community supports your authenticity:

1. Shared Values and Belonging

What unifies a community is shared values. In our Anchor the Light Facebook community and inside the membership, Anchor the Light Society, one common interest is crystals! Almost everyone in the group seems to have loved rocks as a kid. Many are fascinated with energy and the mystical realm. And everyone shares a respect for mother nature, advocates kindness in the world and feels a sense of interconnectedness with the whole.

When we have a space to come together and share common interests, beliefs and values, there is a feeling of belonging. It has been proven that belonging deeply supports wellbeing. Additionally, shared values provides validation for our sense of self which is supportive especially for those who may feel like outsiders in other areas of life. All of this can help individuals feel more comfortable expressing their true selves and living authentically.

2. Acceptance

Through shared values and belonging, we find acceptance within the group and we feel a deeper sense of acceptance within ourselves. When individuals feel accepted for who they truly are, they are more likely to feel comfortable expressing their true selves.

In our Anchor the Light Facebook community and inside the membership, Anchor the Light Society, we support your uniqueness and provide a non-judgmental space for you to be yourself. When individuals feel accepted and valued, they feel encouraged to live authentically.

3. Encouragement

When we receive the energies of acceptance and feel like we belong, we are naturally uplifted. And from this space, we naturally give back the same energy. This fuels the frequency of encouragement. Where there is encouragement, individuals feel more comfortable with taking risks, like the risks of being true to themselves. A space of encouragement and unconditional positive regard can help individuals overcome the fear of rejection or criticism that may be holding them back from living authentically. This is exactly what you'll find inside our communities!

4. Role Models and High Frequency Fields

Your vibration is affected by those you surround yourself with. Your vibration is made of your thought field (which is actually not private but rather a collective field), emotional field, etheric and physical bodies and it is influenced by so much more, including environment, food, sleep, movement, and you guessed it - other people. Whenever you surround yourself by high vibrational beings who consistently carry their light, you will naturally raise in frequency. My Anchor the Light Academy: The Path of Awakened Self-Mastery program is all about helping you learn how to carry your light at a high vibration with consistency vs being taken out by life. When you are in community with others who are living authentically, it serves as a powerful frequency for you to move into and provides encouragement to live your truth in this way.

5. Feedback

When you feel connected in community, it is a wonderful place to either ask for feedback or to simply observe your own internal responses to the group and use this self-reflection as a form of feedback. When we have the space to see ourselves more clearly, it supports our alignment with our authentic self and helps us to see where we may need to take different actions to live true to ourselves.


For many, the journey to living soul-aligned is an arduous process that is full of deep soul inquiry, honestly, vulnerability and finding your inner strength. Because this is a personal quest, it can feel lonely. But you don't have to do it alone. In community, you accelerate the path of becoming. You find your sense of self more quickly, and you are supported to bloom into the you that you came here to be.

I am passionate about community and liberating you from the matrix so that you can live with deeper meaning and contribute your unique gifts to the world. This is a time of bringing in new light, which can feel extra scary, because #1, it's new, and #2, it's often empaths who are sent to do this work and so the path is laced with emotional processing and integration. 

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