Unlocking Your Inner Wild: The True Quest for Freedom

Many of my clients chase the tangible – more money, a better job, extra time – but when diving deeper, the real desire is for something less concrete and far more profound. In many cases, the greatest desire is for… FREEDOM. The quest for freedom is often confused as a means to achieve more, but it’s really about unlocking a fundamental state of being that transcends the ordinary, where you’re not just reaching for change but embodying it. Let's explore the essence of freedom—not as a destination but as a transformational process, inviting you to dive deep into self-discovery and unlock the wild, sacred spirit that yearns to roam unbound.

Here are a few things to know about the desire for freedom.

1. Be clear when manifesting.

Let’s first look at the desire for freedom in the form of something to be manifested – more freedom. When it comes to manifesting, it is important to identify the feeling sensation that you ultimately want, and not all the means that you think will get you there. When you do this, you accelerate having it because you remove any preconceived notions about the how. You don’t have to know the how. That is the hardest part because the ego loooooves to figure things out and think it’s in control. But when you are working with true co-creation, there is an aspect always left to Great Mystery.

When you stay in the lane of focusing on the how and forcing the action, you are not leaving room for the feminine frequency. The feminine polarity is magnetizing and has access to a limitless supply of life force energy, when not blocked. Direct your consciousness by planting the seed that freedom is the prevailing frequency of your experience, and release the how. Release the money, the job, the time, whatever it is you think will bring you that. And always ask for your highest good and with grace and ease.

2. Be ready for growth.

By seeking freedom, you are calling forward all parts of self that are not free to come into your awareness and show you where freedom is lacking. You are asking to meet the fullness of your bound self and to see fully what’s binding you – which is why you think you need a different job, more time, etc. Anything you seek, is a calling, a longing even, to know yourself more deeply. Everything you seek takes you deeper into meeting yourself. So, you have to know that the more you desire something, the more you will be met with seeing everything in your life that is not in alignment with that desire. The contrast can start to become unbearable to the soul which the ultimate catalyst for change. 

The seeking energy is a form of resisting or withholding from yourself what’s already there. Resistance creates the struggle, the inner conflict and longing. We free ourselves of this suffering when we release the attachment to having it and start to presence all the ways its actually already there.

3. Be it now.

The fastest way to manifest more of something is to feel it as though you already have it – to train the body and mind to know it and to feel safe having it fully. If the body doesn’t feel safe having it, it will always reject it. This may present a deeper pathway for inner growth.

Freedom is a frequency that already exists in life in a multitude of ways. The more you can bring into your awareness the freedom that already exists - and really feel it, hold gratitude for it, savor it – the more you will expand into this frequency as your truth. When you train your mind to look for it, more of it will appear. This is how the reticular activating system works.

When it comes to freedom, what you are really seeking is the remembrance of your wildness, which is also the same as your holiness. To taste the divine and remember your divinity. To know yourself as soul and not the domesticated wild spirit that has become confined in structure of our modern world. What you are seeking is a spirit that is wild and free.

Journal prompts for deeper inquiry:

What makes your spirit feel wild and free?

Can you create time and space to cultivate that?

Can you prioritize spiritual practices that connect you back to your divine nature and that allow your creative essence to rise and your imagination to play?

The desire for freedom is the feminine aspect wanting to be her wild self. The feminine is innately wild and playful and creative. So, ask your inner child, how does she want to play today? And make space for that.


Freedom is your birthright. Through societal conditioning and ancestral imprints, the feminine polarity has become oppressed and disempowered. There is a longing for rewilding that is innate in the human psyche. But the human spirit will always find its way back to wild. The key is to explore within your own inner world, the wounds of soul fragmentation and patterns of disempowerment, to bring the deeper programs into your awareness to be healed and loved back into wholeness.

Freedom is not so much about what you do. It is about how you make space for the feminine aspect of your nature and how you orient to the world around you. It is about how you allow your spirit to be expressed.

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