Chill Crystals

Chill out... I have a crystal for that!

These sweet little bundles are exclusively curated by Certified Crystal Healer, Sarah Belle, to be centered around the things your heart deeply desires.

In the Chill Crystals bundle, we include these five crystals that are known to reduce stress and anxiety so you can chill out and relax a little:

Amazonite - tranquility, peace, calming, relieves stress, resolves heart trauma, truth, integrity

Polychrome Jasper - supreme nurturer, comforting during times of high stress, wholeness

Blue Chalcedony - relieves hostility and irritability, balance, thinking before you speak

Howlite - calming, surrender, connecting to higher consciousness

Lepidolite - relieves anxiety and depression, stabilizes mood, promotes calming vibes

Each bundle also comes with a keepsake bag and a cute little card explaining the crystal properties. But don't take our word for it! Experience each one on your own and decide which energy you need for the day.

Read our blog, Five Simple Ways to Use Crystals for more information on how to work with crystals! Also check out our e-book, Understanding Crystal Energy.

  • Healing crystal energy for soothing your nerves, reducing stress and anxiety and promoting a calm, peaceful state
  • Exclusively curated by Certified Crystal Healer, Sarah Belle
  • Makes a perfect gift for anyone interested in holistic living and raising their vibration
  • You'll quickly say, "I have a crystal for that"
  • Offers a unique way to explore, experience and learn about crystal energy by working with a single bundle around a specific theme... 
  • Perfect for carrying with you throughout the day, placing on your nightstand where you'll see it daily or using in a crystal grid
  • Each bundle contains a variety of smooth tumbled stones and raw stones for working with different types of crystal energy 
  • Stones will vary in size from approximately .75-2.25" in length

Every stone is a unique and natural mineral from the earth and may vary in shape and color from pictures shown.

Disclaimer: Crystals should not be used in place of medical treatment. If you have a condition or are concerned about a health issue, you should consult with your physician or licensed clinical professional. 

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    Found the perfect place to buy Crystals!

    I love collecting crystals especially the ones that inform you the name, meaning and purpose of them. I carry these in my pocket when I'm stressed, anxious, depressed etc. Looking forward learning more about them and others I have purchased here and more I plan on purchasing here.

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