Five Simple Ways to Use Crystals

At pop-up shops and trunk shows I am always amazed at how children are naturally drawn to crystals. They will sit and study each one, picking them up and turning them slowly, always finding at least one especially attractive. The adults are usually appreciative of the beauty but they always ask, “What do you do with them?”

Crystals can be used in a variety of ways to offer energetic support and there is no wrong way to use them - it's only about what feels right for each person. Here are five simple ways to incorporate crystals into your life.

And if you're still a unsure of how to use crystals after this post or you want to start using them in your daily practice, make sure to check out my Understanding Crystal Energy course where you'll go from curious to a confident crystal expert in no time!

1. Meditation

You can choose a crystal to hold in your hand during meditation. Typically the left hand is your receiving hand making the energetic vibration of crystals more easily felt; however, this is not always the case. You can also choose a few crystals and place them on the body if you are lying in your meditation. The energy of the crystals will promote relaxation, deepening your meditative state as well as offer additional energetic benefits that are unique for that stone.

2. Pocket stone 

You can choose a simple tumbled stone to carry with you throughout the day in your pocket. This allows the stone’s energy to stay close to you physically, thus offering its energetic support for the whole day. If you have an intention you are working with, this can be a wonderful way to reflect on it throughout the day as the stone will serve as a reminder queue in addition to offer its energetic benefits. five ways to use crystals

3. Nightstand 

Your nightstand is a wonderful location to place a few crystals. They will be the last thing and first thing you see each day creating an invitation to reflect on your intentions and express gratitude for your journey. They will support your energetic body while sleeping helping to restore balance during a time when the body is naturally repairing itself and recovering from stress encountered throughout the day.

4. Jewelry 

Another way to keep your crystals close throughout the day is to wear them. Just like carrying it in your pocket, it stays close and helps your energy body to vibrate at a more consistent and higher frequency just like the crystals. You can also set an intention for the crystals in the jewelry and use it as a talisman for your beliefs or desires. Stacking bracelets and small layering necklaces are some of the best pieces to use for this.

5. Crystal grid 

Crystal grids combine the energy of multiple crystals and are thoughtfully arranged following a sacred geometry shape or pattern to create an amplified energy field for manifesting an intention. Grids can be placed some place special and left in tact for days, weeks or even months to offer energetic support. Grids can also be created for the protection of your bedroom, home or office. The ways they can offer support are endless. Read our blog series to learn more about Crystal Grids: What Exactly Are They and How to Use Crystal Grids.

A Few More Key Points

When it comes to selecting a crystal, it is best not to overthink it or get caught up in a particular crystal’s benefits. Crystals naturally have a way of choosing you. It is best to go with what you are most attracted to. Even within the same crystal family, you will find that you are attracted to a specific one. Go with that!

One last, but very important, tip! Anytime you begin working with crystals, it is best practice to always cleanse and clear your stone of any energy it may have accumulated before reaching you. Check out our blog post on When + Why to Clear Your Crystals for guidance on how to do this important step.

For More on Crystal Healing

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