Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian quartz crystals are master healers known to carry wisdom and information that was encoded in them by inhabitants of the lost continent of Lemuria. They assist with spiritual healing and our ascension into unity consciousness. The Lemurians were peaceful, loving and spiritually enlightened. These stones promote oneness, support dreamwork, help to remove energetic blocks and aid in connection with light realms.
Lemurian crystals are noted to have double terminations or taper at both ends. They will have a side with striations, often alternating with a smooth side. To unlock the wisdom, attune to your crystal in meditation and run your finger nail down the striated side as if you are unzipping it. 
  • Crystal energy for working with Lemurian wisdom.
  • Wonderful for connecting with your multi-dimensional nature.
  • Great for starseeds to remember deeper knowledge and ancient wisdom.
  • Varies in size from approximately 1.25-2".

Please note that exact size, shape and color may vary slightly from the pictures shown due to the natural of crystal being a natural mineral from the earth.

These crystals are wonderful for Crystal Wisdom Codes students to explore!

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