Pink Amethyst Geode

Pink amethyst is a rare stone with such a lovely vibration. It carries the energetic support of amethyst but with an emphasis on emotional healing, connecting the mind and heart to instill peace. It helps to reduce fear bringing compassion and calming. It supports intuition and inner knowing. And it helps to clear your field of negative energy. 

These stones range in their pinkish tones from pale sparkling pink to deeper reddish pink.

Geodes are said to carry energy that assists womb healing and connects you to your divine feminine essence. They are truly gaia's treasures with a rough exterior and sparkling delight on the interior.

  • Beautiful rare pink amethyst for imparting loving and peaceful vibrations.
  • Supports heart and crown chakras.
  • Balances energy and clears negativity. 
  • Geode energy supports womb healing and divine feminine balance.
  • Varies in size from approximately 1-1.5".

Please note that exact size, shape and color may vary slightly from the pictures shown due to the natural of crystal being a natural mineral from the earth.

These crystals are wonderful for Crystal Wisdom Codes students to explore!

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