Align with Your Truth - Lapis Lazuli Activation + Meditation

Align with Your Truth - Lapis Lazuli Activation + Meditation

One hallmark of spiritual awakening is the unveiling of both truth and illusion. When our soul calls us to go deeper, we begin to unpack the layers of shadow, trauma, mystery, and authenticity that live within us to more clearly see. It's like a process of mining, chiseling away in the darkness to discover the gold that we carry inside. This treasure contains purity. It is abundance in its truest essence. It is our divinity within. And the only path there is through the heart. 

Align with Your Truth

This journey requires bravery. It prompts vulnerability which creates discomfort. We must face risk and find our courage to keep going. But with each step, we uncover parts of ourself that we've hidden or forgotten. We call them back. We remember. And this energizes the soul. When we choose to brave the dark, we find the light switch. The bounty we discover there provides deeper meaning and alignment with why we incarnated in this time and place. The process alone elicits states of awe and provides encouragement to keep going.

You are worth this pilgrimage into the heart. And if you find yourself wondering if you are undergoing a spiritual awakening or ascension process, check out this post on Understanding Ascension - How to Know you are Awakening.

Lapis Lazuli - The Wisdom Stone

I have found that lapis lazuli is an amazing crystal to support this inner quest. It is known as The Wisdom Stone and supports the third eye and throat chakras. It helps you to understand and facilitate communication between what the heart feels, what the higher mind knows and how the voice expresses. It connects you to your higher self to receive spiritual wisdom, to connect with your inner most truth and expand your mental capacity to hold higher knowledge. It is a high vibrational stone that brings about alignment with your soul's higher purpose and prompts your ascension into higher states of consciousness.

I especially love working with this crystal in meditation, either holding it in my left hand or lying down and placing it on my third eye. Note this may be too intense for some. You can also place it above your head if lying down. Or check out these Five Simple Ways to Use Crystals for additional ways to work with it. You'll also want to be sure you have cleansed your crystal before doing this work.

In mediation, we drop into deeper theta brainwave states that allow us to access the subconscious mind. When we entrain with the higher frequencies of lapis lazuli, we align with higher wisdom; and through meditation, we reprogram our subconscious to hold these higher states of consciousness. 

Make Time for Your Soul to Expand

Making time for your spiritual journey will uplift your soul and support your higher expression. I am passionate about supporting the collective unfolding into higher timelines. Your work is felt and deeply needed.

I created a complimentary Lapis Lazuli Activation + Meditation to support your ascension journey. It includes crystal wisdom channeled from the spirit of the stone to activate your inner truth and awaken your soul to deeper states of inner knowing. 

Note that while having the stone will create the best experience, you do not need to have the physical stone present to connect with the energies of it. You may simply call it in through intention. 



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