Four Types of Starseeds and Top Crystals to Support Them

Four Types of Starseeds and Top Crystals to Support Them

As you evolve on your spiritual journey and deepen your understanding of your own soul, you may come across the term, 'Starseed.' You may hear it spoken in conversations about life lessons, karma, and the reasons that people are incarnated here on Earth. In this blog post, I am going to provide an understanding of the Four Types of Starseeds and the Top Crystals to Support Them. 

Starseeds are humans that have had soul incarnations in other galaxies, light systems, planets, or constellations. Starseeds carry higher vibrational light frequencies and are here to help support the rising consciousness of humanity, and the frequency of our planet.

The plan for earth and her residents has always been  ascension. The collective consciousness has been called to rise, from third dimensional (3D) consciousness to fifth dimensional (5D) consciousness and beyond. We started noticing the presence of these higher frequency souls around the 1900’s, and it became more obvious as we entered times of war and general chaos arose on our planet.

Four Types of Starseeds

As a Starseed, the feeling of being left out and not fitting in is common. They often feel like the black sheep and some even sense a longing for home that never feels satisfied. They have a strong sense of mission on this planet, coming in as healers, guides, or spiritual leaders. They are here to assist humanity or serve in some way. For Starseeds who have yet to figure out their purpose, they often have a restlessness and tug at their heart to know more and do more.

1. First Wavers / Blue Rays
First Wavers or Blue Rays are the first to come in, the original lightworkers. As early arrivals, they came to upgrade bloodlines and pave the way for future Starseeds. These types are peacemakers and empaths who serve as a guiding light to others and are here to transmute darkness into light. They have been shifting our consciousness for many years.

They generally don't identify with one particular star system but rather can travel through many dimensional realities. They get their name 'Blue Ray' from the large amount of blue in their aura and generally feel a connection to the water element. 

four types of starseeds and crystals to support them by sarah belle

These types are the scholars of the system, holding knowledge to spread and often finding themselves in academics or simply providing guidance to others. 

2. Indigo Children
This is one of the most popular terms, by far. This wave of incarnates started arriving in the '50s and '60s and more prominently so in the '70s and '80s. These are the change-makers, the warriors that came in with a mission to dismantle distorted beliefs and systems with love and light. There is intolerance for injustice and an inherent distrust of the system. 

Indigo children disrupt, plain and simple. Empathic and often times clairvoyant, they see a better future for all and will not stop until they get there.

If their gifts are not nurtured, things like migraine headaches, ADD and ADHD symptoms are frequent.

3. Crystal Children

The majority of this wave arrived in the ’80s and ’90s. These Starseeds are globalists. They believe in oneness and live according to the Law of One. They don’t understand separation.

These are the types that are working hard on the forefront of anti-homophobia movements, gender neutrality, and sexual fluidity. They believe in inherent equality and carry that everywhere they go. They want to bring in a truly new way of being.

Like other Starseeds, clairvoyance is common. They can see through lies and clouded judgments like no other, and know things that others may not easily see. They hold an immense amount of love for others and often forgive easily - potentially to their detriment. Inclusivity is key, and they show us what ascension and acceptance will look like.

The Crystal Children often have learning disabilities and very strong psychic abilities. They thrive from nutritionally pure diets, doing very well with vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based foods. 

4. Rainbow Children 

The most current wave is the Rainbow Children. These souls are carrying pure love and light. They are templated with 5D consciousness already, coming complete with lessons and codes that the earlier waves are still learning. They are holding unity consciousness for us to move into.

The Rainbow Children are the future, and they are - at their core - what we are moving into as a collective. They are here in service to that ultimate higher ascension timeline.

Gratitude is a key component to their emotional make-up, and because of that, they are masters at manifesting and harnessing the Law of Attraction. They hold an incredibly high frequency of gratitude and love within them.

Like Crystal Children, Rainbow Children are environmentally conscious and thrive on vegan or vegetarian diets and pure whole foods.

I recently did a live over in my Facebook group, Anchor the Light, all about Starseeds. If you prefer audio and want to hear me dive a little deeper,  head on over there and watch the replay.

Top Crystals for Starseeds

All Starseeds have more translucent and open auras, carry higher vibrations, and are filled with light in an open and welcoming way. Because of this, crystal energy is incredibly beneficial. Starseeds naturally feel the resonance of crystals and their higher vibration feels supportive. Some crystals may help to activate a deeper remembering. Here are my top crystal recommendations for Starseeds. However, always use your intuition and select what works best for you!

Lodolite - This stone is wonderful for helping you to understand yourself more deeply. It is useful in working with the ethereal plane, in shamanic journeying and for protection.

Tektite - This is a high frequency stone that can feel like home in its resonance. It is wonderful for supporting telepathic communication and offers strong support for connecting with off-planet energies.


four types of starseeds and crystals that support them
Scolecite - This crystal is said to be the 'stone of lightworkers' as it supports your connection to light realms and working inter-dimensionally. It can be helpful in clearing blocks in the aura to get light flowing smoothly so that you may access energetic information from the akashic field more readily as well as communicate with ancient civilizations. It is also extremely calming and gentle.


Lemurian Quartz - These crystals are master healers known to carry wisdom and information that was encoded in them by inhabitants of the lost continent of Lemuria. They assist with spiritual healing and our ascension into unity consciousness. They promote onenes and support connecting with light realms to gain insight and higher wisdom.

Labradorite - Labradorite is a wonderful stone for clearing negative energy and protecting your auric field from outside influence. It helps with strengthening your intuitive connection and aids astral travel.

Aquamarine - It can be really helpful for Starseeds to work with calming stones. Aquamarine is a soothing stone that helps to go with the flow and communicate with ease. 

Petrified Wood - It is also helpful for Starseeds to work with grounding stones to stay connected to Mother Earth and the physical body. Petrified wood has transformed over hundreds of years and carries with it the energies of patience, renewal and strength. It is a great stone for feeling the gentleness and abundance from gaia.


Crystals help us to bridge our light, grounding to Mother Earth and connecting to the higher realms. Because of this, working with them can feel like pure magic. They can support you in innumerable ways, and learning how to harness that energy is the key to supporting the ascension process for both you and the collective.

If you want to expand your knowledge and understanding of crystal energy, develop the confidence you need to work with crystals and feel empowered to develop your own true connection and inner wisdom to enhance your wellbeing, check out my course, Understanding Crystal Energy.

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