An Inspiring Message from Our Planet - From the Akashic Records

In light of these uncertain times and feeling called to be of service in a deeper way, I recently tuned in to the akashic records of planet Earth to seek insights and understanding that may offer comfort during this time. 

This may sound a little woo woo, and to some it is. But to those who understand energy healing and accept that everything is comprised of energy and vibration, the records offer a source of spiritual wisdom that can spark new perspectives from which to integrate a wiser level of being. 

For those not well versed on what the akashic records are, check out this FAQ which covers both auras and akashic records readings.

When accessing the records, I first like to sit in the energy of the records to take in its essence. The words used to describe the field of the Earth are: dense, enormous, gentle, big, vortex, living, breathing heart.

An Inspiring Message from our Planet Sarah Belle

I immediately got the words 'great suspension' and 'balance - what goes up, must come down'. It wasn't until I completed the reading that I realized the full context of the word suspension. I literally looked it up to confirm my understanding and found, 'the temporary prevention of something'. 

Wow. If that doesn't describe what is happening on the planet today! We are all being suspended - forced to stop. 

Here is the rest of her message.

This is a rebalancing time. Birds and animals are going through their process too. Birds are the messengers. Look to them for what they have to share. They can be a guide post. 

The earth's heart is beating for all of us. Connect with her. She knows how to heal. Trust in her wisdom. Know that healing is a part of living. It's an experience that shows us our weaknesses. It makes us stronger.

It's a time to unite and stand together. With her. With each other. We're being asked to see our connectedness. 

Connection starts in our feet - in the root. How are you nourishing your root? Pay attention to your feet. Show them some love. Go barefoot. Experience the earth. Draw up its energy, pulling it through the body and into the heart to where your heart beats with the earth. This is balance. This is unity. 

Breathe with the earth. In and out of the heart. Exchanging with her. Notice the trees, shrubs, flowers, all of nature. See how it is exchanging with you. The lungs are where we exchange. Can you hold a sense of gratitude for this. For her.

Hear the messengers, the birds. Immerse yourself in her song. You are part of the song. Let the breath permeate the body. Send it with intention to cleanse and clear. Air is the element of the heart. Let it move with the current of love.

Love, breath, air... is life.

Embrace this new way of balance. This new sense of oneness. Connection. 

Contribute back with your own voice, your own way. Awakened to a deeper state of union.

The planet holds great reverence and love for all its creation. Relax into this love.

In summary

My hope is that this encourages you to lean in to the natural flow of which you are a part and to find a deeper sense of trust and support in the divine intelligence that orchestrates it all. In its purest essence, it's all love.  

And if you're looking to join a community of like-minded spiritual seeking women who are ready to reclaim that inner light and shine brighter for the world around them, join my free Anchor the Light Facebook group today.  Collectively, we can change the world together!

All the love!

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