Awaken to Crystal Energy for Elevating Wellbeing

Awaken to Crystal Energy for Elevating Wellbeing

Crystals have a way of finding us as we are waking up to deeper truths about ourselves and the world we live in. I often hear people say they've just started to feel really drawn to them but don't know why. While others say they always had a fascination with rocks as a kid. 

Wherever you are on your journey, I always say, if you find your curiosity peaked or you feel drawn to them, there's a reason! Follow it.

We are ascending in consciousness as a collective. That means moving beyond our 3D senses to start to see and sense what is beyond the veil - to start engaging in the multi-dimensional nature of what it means to be a spirit in human form. An example of what this might look like is you're thinking about a person and then look down at your phone and see that they just texted you. 

Not a coincidence! We are all connected in the quantum field. Your thoughts are just your antenna picking up on the energy that's being directed at you in the field. Your friend is composing a message to you and sending it your way. And you just so happen to catch that message via your thoughts picking up on it in the quantum field. 

As we ascend in consciousness, we start to gain a better understanding of these experiences. And with education, guidance and greater awareness, we get to know our inner light and we embody more light with each new activation or milestone of awakening.

Crystals work on a level of light energy and have a beautiful way of activating light within us. Because of how they are formed and structured at a molecular level, they provide a consistent energetic vibration that helps to bring us into balance. The result is often a feeling of relaxation and calming. They provide comfort on your journey and as you work with them, they even become companions.

As more people are turning to holistic methods for elevating wellbeing, crystals are becoming more popular. But without a full awareness around your own energy body and how crystals work, you miss out on the fullness of energetic benefits and potentially disrespect these beautiful beings of light.

I am passionate about raising awareness around caring for and attuning to your energy body as part of a holistic self-care routine, and teaching you how to work with crystals to elevate your wellbeing.

Join me for an upcoming masterclass, Awakening with Quartz Crystals for more!

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Check out my self-paced digital course, Understanding Crystal Energy. You'll learn everything you need to know to start working with crystal energy for elevating wellbeing!

Understanding Crystal Energy


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