Understanding the Lunar Cycle + Which Crystals to Use

Understanding the Lunar Cycle + Which Crystals to Use

The moon is the closest celestial body to the earth, which is why we feel its impact on everything surrounding us – our body cycles, agriculture and harvest phases, tides – even the Earth and all living beings on it. In fact, the moon isn’t just responsible for our physical form – it has the power to regulate our mood, personality traits, temperament and can even impact the events in our lives.

In astrology and ancient cultures, the moon represents feminine energy, fluidity of personality and character, change, wisdom, the cycles of life and death, and spirituality.

Lunar Cycles and Manifestations

The moon cycles pertain to the changes in moon’s appearance due to the progressive shift in angles or its relative position with respect to the Earth and Sun. The lunar cycle encompasses two phases:

1. Waxing

The waxing phase initiates with the New Moon, and comprises of Waxing Crescent, First Quarter and Waxing Gibbous stages. Waxing moon phases are ideal for chalking out new plans, taking new initiatives, working on innovative projects, and setting fresh intentions. Since this part of the lunar cycle is dominated by ‘yang’ energy, we usually feel motivated and ready to work on our plans in a proactive manner.

2. Waning

The waning stage of the moon commences with the Full Moon, and comprises of Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter and Waning Crescent moons. It is regulated by ‘yin’ energy, and is ideal for release, or weeding out ideas, projects and people that are not working in our favor any longer.

Letting go of intentions and manifestations which no longer serve us can help free up clogged energy in our auras or energy fields around us, thus making space for newer, more useful manifestations.

Moon Phases and Their Significance

The lunar cycle spans 29.5 days. The phases of the moon are comparable to the lifecycle of a seed – the seed germinates, grows into buds, blossoms into flowers, and eventually dies. The cyclic pattern of the moon represents the pace of life within us.

Each phase of moon has distinct attributes and spiritual significance. We can attune ourselves to the varying stages of moon and utilize the energy from these to connect more deeply with our inner selves.

Working with the Energies of the Moon Phases

New Moon

Significance: fresh ideas, new projects, high energy

This dark phase of moon initiates the lunar cycle, wherein the sun is positioned behind the moon, thus obscuring the side that faces towards the Earth. Since the energy of the moon is building up in intensity at this stage, one can utilize the high-energy state to manifest what their heart desires with utmost enthusiasm.

This monthly phenomenon is best for fresh ideas, new ventures and setting up new intentions to follow for the rest of the month.

Crystals like quartz, citrine, green aventurine, amethyst and moonstone can support with setting intentions, growth and manifestation.


New moon crystals

Waxing Crescent

Significance: forward growth, hope, motivation

The moon is illuminated to the right side in this phase, wherein it looks like a crescent. There is a surge of energy that suggests forward movement and growth, signifying the sprouting of a seed. Now would be a great time to deepen your resolve and chalk out detailed plans to support your goals and manifestations.

Crystals which support prosperity and growth are ideal for this phase, like green aventurine, green opal, moss agate and jade. 

First Quarter

Significance: growing strength, determination

Also known as ‘Half Moon’, the moon here is half-illuminated and symbolizes the seed taking root and surging towards plant form. This phase represents strength, growth, determination, and strong will to stay committed to your ongoing plan of action.

You may face instances of doubt and fear – leaning on that help you overcome fear and move back into your power center may assist you to the finish line.

Crystals like tigers eye and carnelian will allow you to find your inner strength and motivation to bust through any fears that arise.

crystals for moon phases sarah belle

Waxing Gibbous

Significance: mindfulness, improvising, editing

More than half of the moon is illuminated in this phase, with just a slither of the dark or unseen portion. This symbolizes buds about to bloom into flowers. While you may be proceeding at full throttle with your plan of action, this phase is ideal for being mindful about your manifestations and goals and perfecting your intentions accordingly.

Crystals like howlite, fluorite and sodalite will assist you with mindful awareness, clarity and finding the right words to express what you’re feeling.

Full Moon

Significance: manifesting, clarity, release

The moon is in full glory here, ready for us to tap into her energy for our manifestations and gain insight into what’s working in our favor and what isn’t. This phase bestows immense clarity, and thus is the best time to let go of intentions and goals that are not serving our purpose any longer. Realization and release are crucial for our manifestations to culminate into desired results.

This stage is also ideal for feeling grateful for all that we’ve accomplished and celebrating the same by being mindful and forming meaningful connections.

Crystals which heal, protect, and offer quiet grounding energy are ideal for this phase. SHOP FULL MOON CRYSTALS

full moon crystals sarah belle

Waning Gibbous

Significance: gratitude, reflection, eliminating stress

Right after the glory of the fully-lit moon has passed, the light begins to diminish gradually. This phase is known as the waning moon, wherein more than half the moon is still illuminated. This phase is ideal for reflection - let your accomplishments sink in and get rid of unproductive and stress-inducing habits.

Crystals that help dispel negative energies and eliminate stress and anxiety are ideal for this phase. Opt for stones like lepidolite, amazonite and polychrome jasper are great for this. SHOP CHILL CRYSTAL BUNDLE

Third Quarter Moon

Significance: reflection, setting ground for new manifestations

The moon is half-illuminated here again, with the light diminishing progressively. This phase signifies harvest from the seeds that were planted during the new moon phase, calling for some retrospection and contemplation on our end, so we can gear up for the next set of goals and manifestations.

Crystals that improve focus and allow you to look at the higher perspective are ideal for this phase. Work with stones like fluorite, Tibetan quartz, and scolecite are wonderful stones for connecting with higher wisdom and gaining clarity.

Waning Crescent Moon

Significance: rest, kindness, review, honing skills

The power of the moon is almost diminished, with but a crescent discernible in the sky, signifying surrender. It is almost time for a fresh start in the form of the new moon. It would be best to withhold your urge to start something new and improvise your action plans and intentions instead with self-compassion and kindness. Improving the skills needed for the next set of goals, thus preparing yourself for the next cycle is a great idea too.

Crystals that support the heart chakra are highly recommended for this phase, as they restore emotional balance and promote compassion. SHOP HEART CHAKRA CRYSTALS

2024 Moon calendar

Tips on Flowing with the Different Phases of Moon

Work With Crystal Energy 

Specific crystals can help you tap the energies of the various phases of moon, in addition to helping you focus better and dispel negative energies. Using crystals can power your manifestations and strengthen your intentions. Hold them in meditation, program your intentions into them, carry them in your bag or simply display them on your nightstand. To take your work with crystals deeper, check out my Understanding Crystal Energy Course. It’s self-paced and will take you from curious to confident in how you work with crystals to elevate wellbeing!

Carry Out Moon Rituals 

The moon’s energy can be harnessed with the help of moon rituals adapted for different phases. New moon energy is ideal for setting new intentions and goals, whereas full moon energy is ideal for accomplishing goals and inducing some much-needed healing. Create your own beautiful rituals by following these simple steps:

  • Open sacred space with palo santo or sage.
  • Set an intention for your ritual.
  • Invite any elements to make your space cozy – candles, crystals, plants, ancestor photos, artwork, whatever feels special and comforting at this time.
  • Take time for inner reflection – journaling, meditation, chant, sketching or painting what you feel.
  • As insights flow in, write them down to inform your bigger intention for what you’re calling in.
  • Write down your intention and connect with it. Maybe invite in an affirmation that pairs with it to program in your stone or incorporate throughout your day to stay connected to it.
  • And when you’re ready, close your sacred space with gratitude and thanks.

Practice Moon Yoga Flows 

Certain yoga flows are specifically designed for us to be able to tap into the energies of the moon. Moon salutations can help channel calming, quiet vibes, or ‘yin’ energy into your life.

Keep a Moon Journal

A moon journal can be a useful method to keep track of the moon, especially if you have just begun to work with the lunar rhythms. Jotting down the effect each phase has on you and your life can gain powerful insights into your life and even spot trends over time of how lunar energy affects you. It can also help you customize your action plan and rituals to effectively utilize the lunar cycle to your benefit. You can grab a copy of my 2024 Moon & Crystal Journal here.

Hold a Personal Cacao Ceremony

Performing a cacao ceremony is a wonderful way to expand your heart and connect more deeply to your prayers and intentions. It is a beautiful plant medicine that comes from Mesoamerican culture and is known for opening the heart. It is also an amazing super food and a catalyst into the world of working with plant spirit consciousness to receive the deeper wisdom and guidance buried within our own hearts. Want to join me in my upcoming New Moon Cacao Ceremony? Click here for more info!

understanding the lunar cycle and which crystals to use


Working with the lunar cycle to more deeply attune to yourself and our planet will instill a greater sense of connection and will also help you tap into your intuitive nature. So many people are disconnected from energetic shifts of our planet and how we are impacted by the Earth’s stratosphere. However, when you awaken to this relationship within your own biofield, you’ll become profoundly more aware and in harmony with life’s natural rhythms, cultivating a deeper sense of peace and ease with which you approach life.

Cheers to awakening.

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