January 01, 2021 2 min read

Make it Your Year to Shine

There's no question 2020 was incredibly challenging for us all. It stretched us in so many ways. 

And it's really not over. Just because we're now in a new year, doesn't really mean our challenges have disappeared. We are forever in new territory, forced to grow, expand and find our truth.

There is an epic transformation happening for the collective. We are being asked to upgrade our consciousness. And it's happening whether you realize it and whether you're on board or not. 

We're being asked to no longer stand what feels untrue. We're being asked to connect within our communities, to work together, to let go of competition. We're learning how to let go of old beliefs and drop the limitations programmed by social conditioning. We being invited to step into our power and assume a higher expression. 

With all of this comes fear bubbling up asking us to stay small. We're met face to face with our own version of crazy as we process and integrate the for the collective.

Make it your year to shine

And the way I see it, we have two choices - resist or lean in.

Anytime we resist what is, we only add to the suffering and thrashing that makes life even harder. When we take a deep breath and just lean in to the experience, what we find is our own strength. We find presence. We find resiliency. And we can even begin to see its purpose if we're open to it.

What if we embrace our current time as an opportunity for radical change for the collective and epic personal growth? What if instead of resisting, we ask: 

What am I meant to be learning?

Why did my soul choose this time and place now?

Because the truth is, you did choose this! Your soul chose it all - your parents, your race, your location, your traumas - all so you could learn and transmute the lower vibrations. 

You're here to do the work... if you choose.

You're here to assume your highest expression.

You're here to remember why you came.

You're here to be reminded that you are light.

So in case you've forgotten, you have a light to shine.

Honor it. Embrace it. Love on it. Let it be seen. 

Choose from a place of love and compassion to go within and do the work. 

Make it your year to shine. 

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