Cycle with the Moon: Using Lunar Phases as a Compass for your Yearly Rhythm

In today's fast-paced world, it can be challenging to find a sense of rhythm and balance in our daily lives. However, by tapping into the power of lunar phases, we can create a ritual that aligns us with the natural flow of the universe. The moon has long been revered as a symbol of intuition, emotion, and feminine energy. By incorporating the lunar phases into our yearly rhythm, we can harness this energy to enhance our spiritual growth, manifest our desires, and find harmony in our lives. Let's explore how working with lunar phases can be a powerful tool for creating a meaningful and intentional year ahead.

Working Consciously with the Lunar Phases

By understanding the different lunar phases and their energetic qualities, you can tailor your activities to align with the natural flow of the universe. This will connect you more deeply to the natural rhythms of the cosmos and deepen your spiritual connection to cosmic allies.

New Moon

The new moon is a phase where the moon is not visible. It is a time for new beginnings and it is a great time for introspection, setting intentions, and planting seeds for the future. Use this phase to reflect on your goals and dreams, and make a plan of action.

As the moon transitions into the waxing phase, which is the period between the new moon and the full moon, it is growing with more light and thus it is a time of growth and expansion. This is an excellent time to take action towards your intentions and work towards manifesting your desires.

Full Moon

When the moon reaches its full phase, the moon is fully illuminated and shining brightly. It is a time of heightened energy and intuition. Use this time to celebrate your accomplishments and tap into your inner wisdom. It is also a great time for releasing what no longer serves you.  

working with the moon

Finally, as the moon transitions into the waning phase, which is the period between the full moon and the new moon, it is a time of release and letting go. This is the perfect time to declutter, release any negative energy, and reflect on the lessons learned.

Creating Moon Rituals

Holding personal moon ceremonies or rituals allow us to disconnect from the everyday hustle and bustle and it allows us a sacred space to reflect and deeply connect with our own heart to witness what is there and listen. Having rituals to look forward to can be grounding and reassuring during turbulent times and it can provide us with a sense of predictability and consistency. Rituals are often tied to our values – what we find important – and this can connect us back to our sense of self and inspire deeper meaning and connection.

Ways to work with the moon:

  • Burn and release ceremony - work with a sacred fire or candle, or even visualize a fire in your third eye in meditation. Reflect on what is no longer serving you, whether it is habit, a belief, a person, a job, an energy. Write it down and hold the intention that you are releasing this energy from your field. Speak your prayer or intention out loud. And give it to the fire. You can physically burn the paper or visualize it in your mind's eye.
  • Program a crystal with your intention for the cycle ahead. For help with this, check out my Understanding Crystal Energy self-paced course.
  • Create a crystal grid to power up your manifestations. Crystal grids are a great way to employ light technology for a bigger intention. For help with this, check out Manifest with Crystal Grids.
  • Perform a cacao ceremony to drop into your heart and get clarity for the path forward. Cacao is a beautiful plant medicine that opens the heart and inspires creativity. Check out the Events page to join me for an upcoming ceremony.
  • Journal your reflections, goals and dreams each month. Whether you work with the new or full moon, taking time to reflect on where you are in life and what changes need to be made will help you become more awake to the ways in which the journey is unfolding and help you see the blindspots to take thoughtful action where needed. My 2024 Moon + Crystal Journal is a beautiful guide to inspire you and keep you accountable to the journey.

By aligning your activities with the moon's cycle, you can create a rhythm in your life that feels more harmonious and intentional. So, whether it's setting goals during the new moon, taking inspired action during the waxing phase, celebrating and releasing during the full moon, or reflecting and letting go during the waning phase, embrace the power of lunar phases to guide your activities and create a meaningful year ahead.

By committing to your spiritual practice, you deepen your connection to yourself, your soul and become a more conscious co-creator of higher realities.

Join me for a Year of Ceremony

new moon ceremonies

Align with natural cycles and work with earth medicine to manifest bigger in 2024!

Join me for an entire year of virtual New Moon Shamanic Cacao + Crystal Ceremonies where we'll work with the unique energies of each new moon in ceremony to cultivate personal insights and set intentions for the lunar cycle ahead.

We'll work with shamanic cacao and crystals to journey into the heart and dimensional realms to access deeper wisdom, reprogram the subconscious mind and harmonize our energy fields. 

New moons mark beginnings and bring new energy each month! It’s the perfect time set intentions, take aligned action and reflect on your goals. By committing to the full year of ceremonies, you will develop a conscious connection to crystal allies and Mama Cacao, become more intentional about your spiritual journey and work in harmony with natural rhythms becoming a conscious co-creator of the life you desire.


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