Enhancing Intuition with Indigo Gabbro

Enhancing Intuition with Indigo Gabbro

As my relationship with crystals has deepened, so has my intuition. I believe crystals offer us an energetic tool to activate dormant parts of our DNA and support our abilities to send and receive information in new ways. These are abilities we've always had. They've just been turned off through environmental and social conditioning. The brain quickly learns to filter out unneeded information and to pay attention to necessary information that is highly of interest to us or is needed for our survival. 

Do you ever find yourself already knowing something and then it happens? Or maybe you're thinking of someone and look at your phone and you have a text from them? This is a common experience because you are connected to that person in the ethers (space). Thoughts are merely energy and we're all connected - like a giant web extending out across time and space, beyond anything the eye can see.

When we work with crystals, we become more sensitive energetically and we start to see that these occurrences are not random. The more awareness we have, the more we start to see the patterns and the more connected we become to our intuition. 

Some crystals are especially helpful in expanding intuition. That's a separate topic for another day. There's one in particular that recently came whirling into my field with a big presence, so big that I want to tell you all about it!

I believe this is how crystals work, especially when we have a relationship with them and are attuned to their energy. They have a way of finding us to offer their service when we most need it. As someone who sells crystals, I witness this regularly and it's always beautiful and perfect.

I was recently working on a wholesale order when indigo gabbro (also known as mystic merlinite), grabbed my attention in a big way. So I ordered it. But when I got it in, I couldn't remember why I felt so drawn to it. Before fully reading more about it, I decided to read the akashic records of this stone. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do! 

Here's what I found in the records:

Indigo gabbro has an expansive field, found in a focused place on earth (Madagascar). It is a unifying stone, bridging duality, bringing consciousness forward and acquainting one with deeper aspects of it. It supports third eye expansion and awareness of other realms. It matches whatever frequencies or dimensions the person needs, as if it is tempered to the person it's working with. It has a deep wisdom to share. Ask it about your past lives or current lives in other dimensions. It's ok if its guidance doesn't make sense. It will expand you so that the wisdom that is trying to reach you will flow in as you expand. There is so much depth to this stone. It says that experiencing other dimensions is part of being human. It takes awareness - opening your mind so you can acquaint your consciousness with it, moving to become more conscious of the experience when it happens. It can help you to evolve into becoming a dimensional being. There are more resources and tools for us in these other realms. We can bring back immense healing and activated light frequencies to elevate the planet. 

If you're interested in expanding your intuition or connecting with loved ones who have left their body (mediumship), indigo gabbro is a wonderful stone to work with! If you are going through an awakening process and are aware of expanded abilities, this is also a great stone for you.

But as with all crystals, let your heart decide! You will naturally call in the right stone at the right time if you let it choose you. 

If you're unsure of how to find the right crystals for you, which crystals work for what, or deepen your knowledge and confidence around crystal practices, check out my Understanding Crystal Energy course. In this course, you'll become a crystal go-to expert in no time and truly understand how to harness the power of crystals to truly enhance your wellbeing. 

All the crystal love!

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