Four Steps to Greater Self-Mastery

Everywhere I look, I'm reminded that our world is changing. We are becoming ever more digitally adept and seem to be dissolving aspects of authentic human connection in the process. For many, the result is living with a lot more stress and anxiety. So in this blog, I'm breaking down my four steps to greater self-mastery to help you live with greater peace in a disconnected and out of balance world.

We desperately crave balance. And our attempts at self-care usually look like a spa day, shopping trip, indulging in delicious food or taking time to ourselves. But the greater act of self-love is actually healing the wounding patterns and triggers that are stored in our physical and energetic bodies. When we commit to this deeper level of work, we unmask layers of social conditioning, coming face to face with the root cause of what limits our human potential and keeps us stuck. As we upgrade and replace these patterns with higher vibrational programs, we start to find a softer way to flow through life. We experience more joy and peace, and we start to see the benevolent force of a very intelligent universe that is moving us all, forever working in our favor if we open ourselves up to it.

Is it work? Yes. 

But is it worth it? 100%!

When we turn inward to do our own healing work, we start to gain greater self-mastery for how we orient in life. We're less likely to react negatively or get angry when life throws us curve balls. We start to become more connected with our internal essence that is a divine emanation of source. And we even enter into direct dialog with this creative force. That's when life really starts to become magical!

So let's take a closer look at self-mastery.

Self-mastery is not establishing a set of rules to live by and then sticking to them without fail. It's not adhering to moral standards, nor is it about controlling your behavior or experience. 

Self-mastery is about knowing yourself; acquiring the tools and a solid foundation for thriving in life; and then knowing how to flow with them, effortlessly regulating your energy field to stay in your center where you have an endless supply of vital life force energy.

Four Steps to Greater Self-Mastery

Here are my four steps to greater self-mastery and living life with more peace and ease.

1. Know Thyself

How well do you know yourself? Most people would probably say pretty well. But I have to tell you, when I start talking about energy and our energy bodies, most people don't know what I'm talking about. 

We generally don't give much thought to beyond what the eyes can see. But did you know we actually see less than 1% of the light spectrum? That means there's a vast invisible world happening within in our field. 

And guess what? You're experiencing that all day long! Your aura (invisible energy field that surrounds your body) is soaking in invisible light information all the time. It's informing your physical body, producing emotions which trigger thoughts, which create mind storms and emotional reactions. 

When you start to really dive deep into this level of self-exploration and understanding, and when you learn what's happening in the body, you start to connect to your body wisdom and learn to trust what it's telling you. Then you really start to know yourself more intimately. 

This paves the way for connecting more deeply to your intuition and actually feeling comfortable enough to trust it. You'll no longer think you're crazy for having the thoughts and feelings you have because you'll be connected to them in an intimate way. You'll have a direct dialog with your biofield!

2. Connect to Your Truth 

Once you really know yourself, you have a much shaper barometer for what feels good to you and what doesn't. As you wake up to yourself, you also wake up to your truth. You start noticing what feels aligned because it feels expansive in your field. You want more of it! And you naturally notice what makes you feel constricted and limited, moving away from these experiences. 

For most, this is awkward at first. We aren't generally taught how to navigate negative people and situations. Especially for women, we generally aren't taught how to set good energetic boundaries. We're taught to give, give, give, don't hurt anyone's feelings, and give some more. 

But as you connect in with your truth, you start to become governed by a new set of principles. And these things often require you to set boundaries if it means you are going to stay in your center... aka stay in integrity! 

Moreover, this also usually means shedding old beliefs that you've adopted from parents, teachers, cultural conditioning and even your ancestors. That's right! Ancestral belief patterns, trauma and traditions are stored in your cells and are expressed and triggered through you.

All of this creates massive personal growth. And to be honest, it can be daunting to do it alone. 

That's why my Anchor the Light Self-Mastery program is SUCH a valuable and sacred container for doing this work in community, surrounded by encouraging, like-minded women who at a soul level choose to step in together to do this soul-expanding work. 

3. Build Your Energy Management Toolbox

Everyone understands the importance of good self-care. Journalling your thoughts can help you gain clarity. Exercise helps the body process emotional energy. Earthing can help to ground your energy field and restore balance. And meditation... I can't tell you how many people I talk to who recognize the value of meditation and have every intention to make it a priority but then don't do it!

There are so many ways to meditate and introduce mindfulness into a busy lifestyle. In fact, I have so many life hacks for helping you to better manage stress and live with greater ease. 

Developing tools for managing your mind, regulating your emotions, supporting your physical body, and inspiring your spirit will help you to stay in balance when life throws you curve balls. The more adept you are at using your tools, the more resilient you become and the higher vibration you hold. Higher vibration = higher vitality and inner radiance.

4. Learn How to Flow

For so many people, it's all or nothing. We are so hard on ourselves! A big part of learning how to flow is first, know when you've gotten off track; second, have the tools to get back on; and third, have grace for yourself throughout the process. Life is hard enough. Let's not add insult to the wound. Learning how to flow is about learning how to invite in grace. It's about learning how to love ourselves unconditionally and how to befriend the harsh qualities of our human mind. 

Unconditional love on an individual level is the first step to raising your consciousness. When you can practice this return to love within yourself, effortlessly using your tools to return to your heart, move into alignment with your truth, grounded in integrity, again, and again, and again... this is self-mastery. And once we've arrived here, we simply vibrate at the frequency of love and start to project this out into the world. 

This not only creates a more harmonious life stream, but it elevates the collective experience because we're all connected. 

If you find yourself waking up to this work of shedding what isn't true, aligning with your soul purpose, connecting to your voice, setting boundaries, embodying more of you are and who you came here to be... you're in the right place.

My Anchor the Light Self-Mastery group mentorship program guides you through awakening to higher states of consciousness and greater self-mastery to help you live a life of freedom, peace and flow. 

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