Understanding Ascension - How to Know You are Awakening

The term ‘spiritual awakening’ and how this process leads to enlightenment or ‘wokeness’ in some individuals gets thrown around a lot in the spiritual community. But what exactly is spiritual ascension, what sparks it, and how can you identify if you are undergoing this process as well?

In this post we’ll take a closer look at the following aspects:

  • What is spiritual ascension
  • How does shifting from 3D to 5D impact us
  • Signs that you are spiritually ascending

What is spiritual ascension?

Spiritual ascension or awakening is a process where we shed our older self-centered patterns and pursuits that serve our ego, to progress towards elevating our conscious awareness. It is sort of a ‘system update’, but one where we are discarding our older selves and raising our vibrational frequency to step into a higher timeline. While some call it an ‘enlightenment’ or a ‘blissful awakening’, spiritual ascension is a phenomenon wherein we begin to emanate more light and we tend to become more conscious about our sense of being and our connection with the world around us.

When we’re awakening, we are likely to function from a higher vibrational frequency, instead of giving in to lower vibrational ego-centric behaviors. Awakenings of this nature are often spontaneous - even the most mundane routines can prompt them. However, spiritual ascension is more frequently triggered by a major life-altering event like an accident, crisis or a health condition. That said, in more recent years, we’ve actually be undergoing a massive awakening as a collective as our planet receives more photonic light and goes through her own awakening process. We are not separate from her. And many people are experiencing radical shifts in consciousness, but haven’t quite caught up to why or have learned out to fully integrate the upgrades in light frequency.

Understanding Ascension Blog from Sarah Belle

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Moving from 3D to 5D – How does it impact us?

There are many references made towards the terms ‘3D’ and ‘5D’ when experts discuss spiritual ascension. On that account, we’ll take a closer look at what each of these terms mean and what they entail for your spiritual journey. The ‘D’ refers to the spiritual ‘dimension’ we mirror in our spiritual journey at a given point of time, whereas the number it’s preceded by denotes the level of consciousness we may be living in.

Generally speaking, human beings exist in the 3-dimensional realm of consciousness. For context, some of the characteristics of individuals functioning in a 3D level of consciousness are:

  • feeling limited by fear
  • behaving in an ego-centric way
  • lacking the feeling of oneness or connection with the universe
  • feeling restricted by suffering
  • linear thinking or remaining enclosed and limited by the concept of time brackets, ie, past and present
  • victim mentality or feeling like everything is against you
  • powerlessness to create the life you really desire

On the other hand, advancing towards a higher dimension or state of consciousness – namely 5D – entails the following qualities:

  • radical compassion and empathy
  • unforced forgiveness
  • ability to love oneself and others unconditionally
  • unity consciousness or heightened sense of oneness with every entity in the world
  • greater success in manifesting your dreams into reality
  • the realization that time is just an illusion
  • the release of false timelines and artificial programs

However, the shift from 3D to 5D doesn’t happen overnight and can be a cumbersome journey for most people undergoing spiritual awakening. This shift requires us to surrender our old patterns and self-limiting beliefs that we’ve rooted ourselves in for years, and embrace new learnings based on healing energies, our multi-dimensional nature as human beings and strengthening intuitive connections.

The less resistance one has towards getting rid of our old narratives, the swifter and more graceful the journey will be towards 5D – the dimension of unity, joy, love, and acceptance!

7 signs that you're rising in consciousness

There is no definite yardstick to gauge whether one is spiritually ascending, and the experiences differ from one person to another. Fortunately, there are some commonly observed patterns or signs which may indicate that you’re undergoing a spiritual awakening:

1. Increased awareness

Those undergoing spiritual awakening tend to monitor their thoughts and actions from an impersonal point of view, albeit with kindness and a keen curiosity. If you find yourself observing and examining your thoughts and your reactions to the events around you, you may be ascending towards a higher realm of self-realization. You may also begin to appreciate the present more, instead of getting riddled by fear or uncertainty about the future.

2. Heightened intuition

Have you recently begun to experience a ‘gut feeling’ about various interactions with people? Do you feel the Universe has been sending you signs to help you make better decisions? Experiencing frequent cases of ‘déjà vu’ or intense epiphanies is one of the surest indicators that one is ascending spiritually. As we begin to shun our ego, we learn to sense the energy of different people and objects with greater ease, thus harnessing our hidden intuitive powers.

3. Greater synchronicities

Spiritual ascension can fine-tune your intuitive abilities and speed up your manifestations, so don’t be surprised if you find patterns and coincidences everywhere around you. When you are awakening, every thought, belief and action can set off a chain of events to bring you closer to manifesting your dreams and goals.

4. Feeling more connected

Understanding Ascension Blog from Sarah Belle

A gradual loss of ego-centric beliefs and behaviors and a growing sense of oneness with the universe are telltale signs of a spiritual awakening. You may begin to slowly lose your prejudice and bias, and may be prompted to consider the perspective of others before making a judgment or reaching a decision.

5. Greater acceptance and compassion

When you’re awakening you may experience greater levels of compassion and tend to embrace newer perspectives from a neutral standpoint. As you embody more unconditional love, you find a deeper level of self-acceptance and experience more compassionate self-talk. This naturally extends out to others and you’ll gradually develop a more mindful approach towards everything you do.

6. Profound sense of clarity

The spiritual awakening process may cause you to start questioning your priorities and ambitions, leading you towards finding your true purpose in life. You will begin to weed out thoughts and structures that no longer serve you, and your heightened intuition may help you sense manipulation with greater ease. While it may entail a bumpy ride as you navigate it all, this re-evaluation process will result in greater clarity and realigned priorities if you follow the gentle nudges of your soul.

7. Seeking authenticity

If you are awakening spiritually, you will tend to find your self-worth and confidence rising from within. You may feel less and less inclined to conform to the norms and rules laid down by institutions and society. Instead of seeking acknowledgement from others, you may tend to rely more on your inner sense of satisfaction for the choices you make. Spiritual ascension may mark your journey towards becoming the truest, most authentic version of yourself.


Spiritual ascension is a transformative process and we are experiencing it on a mass scale. While awakening can be unsettling at first, causing you to question everything you know, even the people in your life, embracing the process will eventually help you lead a meaningful, more connected and fulfilling life. And finding connections with like-minded people or groups can make the transition to higher frequencies an easier process.

No matter where you find yourself, trust in knowing there is a reason for and lesson behind every interaction. The more you can open your heart and mind to hear the higher wisdom flowing in through your soul, the more surefooted you’ll be. You can’t mess it up.  

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