High Vibe Gifts for Every Type of Mom

As women we all carry the essence of motherly love and divine feminine wisdom. In my opinion, this Mother's Day is a wonderful time to celebrate this aspect of your soul!

Whether you're treating yourself or celebrating your biological mother, adoptive mother, or just a motherly figure in your life that has been inspirational, the key is giving a gift from the heart that carries the sentiment of love. Love is an expansive frequency that raises your vibration, bringing you into alignment with your true essence.

We've curated the perfect high-vibe gifts for every type of mom, from the Holistic Mom to the Mom Who Says She Doesn’t Need Anything

Read on for our top gifts for every type of mom. Also check out our fully curated Mother's Day Gift Guide.

I'm Too Busy, I Need Easy Style Mom

For the  I’m Too Busy, I Need Easy Style, try the  Parker Necklace. This necklace is made with renewable cheese wood, white marble, batik bone beads, recycled African glass and amazonite for an instant, effortless, chic look. It’s stylish and pairs with nearly everything.

Sarah Belle Parker Necklace

Luxe Mom Who Has it All

For the  Luxe Mom Who Has It All, we recommend the  Dottie Rose Quartz Bar Necklace. This simple, minimalist design contains rose quartz, which helps to promote emotional balance and foster love and harmony in relationships. It adds an elegant touch to any outfit.

Dottie Necklace Rose Quartz

Holistic Mom With a Home Remedy for Everything

For the Holistic Mom  who has a home remedy for everything, go for the  Mindful Stacking Bracelet which is designed with grey lava stones to make diffusing your favorite essential oils a breeze, combining the vibrations of your oils with the healing vibrations of crystal energy! It also contains white howlite that imparts calmness, and natural coco shell and wood that offers grounding vibes. It blends beautifully with our other bracelets or you can wear it by itself for a modern minimalist statement. 

Mindful Stacking Bracelet

DIY Mom Who Loves to Get Crafty

For the  Mom Who Loves DIY Projects, the  Mala Making Kit in Balance is a sure win and a great way to help your loved one on their spiritual journey. This mala making kit includes 108 beads, a guru bead, three beading needles, string, and a tassel. The balance mala kit in particular has been thoughtfully designed to impart peace, relaxation and grounding to bring your recipient into balance. Get our popular ebook, The Art of Mala Making, Ritual and Practice, FREE with the purchase of any mala or mala making kit using code MALALOVE. 

 Mala Making Kit Balance

Yogi Mom

For the Yogi Mom, there are a few different options we suggest. One of our handmade mala necklaces would make a great gift to help enhance your loved one’s practice. Our Ganesha Charm Necklace makes a special gift for one starting a new business or venture, changing jobs, buying a house or entering a new relationship, helping to remove any obstacles that may stand in the way. Or you may like our Om Spiral Charm Necklace, which makes a beautiful gift offering the sentiment of connection and support for its wearer by acknowledging that you are never alone.

Om Necklace

Spiritual Seeker Mom

For the Spiritual Seeker, we recommend our Devoted Necklace. This necklace is rich with spiritual energies and has been thoughtfully designed to connect your recipient with a deeper inner faith and divine wisdom.

Devoted Necklace

The Simple Mom Who Doesn't Need Anything

For the  Mom Who Says She Doesn’t Need Anything, the  Silver Bar Earrings are simple, elegant, and stylish. They are lightweight, making them comfortable for everyday wear so every time your loved one puts them on, they will be reminded of how much you cherish them.

Silver Bar Earrings

The Empathic Mom Who Feels For Everyone

For the  Empathic Mom Who Feels For Everyone,  our  Selenite Earrings or our  Protection Bracelet both would make a thoughtful gift.  Selenite is the perfect stone for protecting one from negative energy while our protection bracelet is made with black onyx, dalmatian jasper and tiger's eye to offer energetic protection.

Selenite Earrings

The Moon-Loving Mom

For the  Moon-Loving Mama,  try our  Moonphase Bar Necklace or our  Druzy Moon Stud Earrings. The Moonphase Bar Necklace reminds reminds us of our connection to the greater whole and that we are all apart of a much larger cosmic dance that is always in flow while the Druzy Moon Stud Earrings is made of quartz crystal which is said to promote relaxation, dispel negativity and cleanse the aura.

Moonphase Bar Necklace

The Free-Spirit Adventurer Mom

For the Free-Spirit Adventurer, our Compass Charm Necklace makes a thoughtful gift for friends going through transition or for avid travelers. Also, you may enjoy gifting our Inspiration Bracelet Stack that soothes the soul with soft, gentle crystal energy and a dreamy palette that is sure to lift and lighten your mood.

Inspiration Bracelet Stack

The Woo Woo Mom

And last, for the Woo Woo Mom who is a lover of the unseen world, finds a deeper meaning in all things and who appreciates thought provoking conversation that stir the soul, we recommend an Aura Reading + Energy Healing. In this one-on-one session, she'll discover deeper aspects of herself and receive guidance on how to reset her energy field for greater balance and wellbeing. 

Another great gift for the Woo Woo Mom is our signature Understanding Crystal Energy course - perfect for the moms or motherly figures who are looking to deepen their crystal knowledge and cultivate a healthier wellbeing with a crystal practice.

These are only a few suggestions to help guide you! If you are in need of additional gift ideas, check out our  Mother’s Day Gift Guide which is full of great gifts for that maternal figure in your life or to treat yourself. Just remember, if you give a gift out of a pure place in your heart, your recipient will feel the love and energy. Everytime they wear that item or look at it, they will be reminded of how much you care for them.

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