December 31, 2019 1 min read

Wishing you a giant Happy New Year and inspiration to show up big! I realize that may not be the expression some of you want to hear as you commit to that new diet or fitness plan. 

No Peloton fail here. To be clear, I'm talking about peeling back a few more layers and letting that big, bright light of yours to shine a little more boldly in the world.

We (collectively) have been on a continuum of change for the last few years. The tides are turning as the feminine current becomes more established. Now is a time to truly let love lead, to let competition soften, fear lose its steam, and power to rebalance. 

Our work on an individual level impacts the whole because together, we are one collective consciousness. What is in your field, exists because it exists in the greater whole. You can choose how you respond and what you do, think and feel. Your actions, thoughts and emotions are all energy contributing back to the collective. 

So let your heart step forward a little more. Let it expand into its true essence. Let its natural emotions arise, starting with gratitude.

This is how we create an epic new year.

Connect in to your heart field, and show up big.

Cheers to 2020!

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