Supercharge Your Manifestations with Crystals

Some people mistakenly assume that manifesting is a modern concept coined by bestselling books like The Secret. Others presume crystals to be the “in" thing popularized by the Kardashians and used by specific meditation communities. However, manifesting has been practiced for several centuries in some cultures, and crystals have been a widely preferred channel for manifesting.

In this post, we’ll break down:

  • What is Manifesting
  • Law of Vibration
  • Raising Your Vibration with Crystals
  • Best Crystals for Manifesting

But before we dive in, let’s level set with manifesting is and isn’t.

What is Manifesting

Manifesting is all about setting intentions to create the life you want. It is about understanding that what we think about and believe in, is what we create for ourselves.

It is not magic, though its ability to produce awe and excitement may be akin to real life magic!

Manifesting is actually an inborn superpower that when you come into true alignment with the universal flow, you step into it naturally.

Manifesting first requires us to recognize what our dreams, intentions and goals are, and then believe in them, so that we can work with the universe to bring them to life. One can channel their thoughts and focus in a specific manner so as to “manifest” or give a physical form to whatever it is they wish.

If you find yourself thinking this sounds a lot like alchemy, you’re right! Manifesting works like a life-size mirror – our thoughts and feelings reflect our reality.

Law of Vibration

Supercharge Your Manifestations with Crystals

Before you set out to manifest, it is important to remember that according to the Law of Vibration, all beings constantly channel vibration and energy. And it happens with a universe that is vibrational and energy-emitting as well. We’re always transmitting messages into the ethers, signaling who we are at that point in time, and what we’re ready to attract into our lives or repel away from us. The universe then acts accordingly.

Law of Vibration states that the events that transpire in our lives, people we meet, and our experiences largely depend on the frequency at which we vibrate in these moments. Our reality reflects our dominant vibration set point. For example, if you radiate abundance and gratitude, your life will reflect these values. Likewise, if you are constantly cynical and irritable, your life will reflect more of such negative experiences. We tend to attract what our state of being is in harmony with, and we repel what is not a vibrational match. If you’re ever curious about your vibration, just look into your life and see what is reflecting back at you.

Raising Your Vibration

To be successful at manifesting, you must raise your vibration to match the energetic frequency needed for you to achieve your intentions.

In order to be able to achieve what you want, you must shift your vibrational patterns, so that you are able to signal your readiness to the universe, stating that your vibration is compatible with the frequency of the goals you are manifesting. This recalibration can be put into practice by changing your existing environmental signals with newer, more powerful vibrational signals.

The change in the current environmental signals can be mental, emotional, physical, social or habitual. Take time to examine your currently reality and what it is reflecting back. What insight can you gain about your current vibration?

For example, if you are trying to manifest money, but you lack the belief that you’re worthy of large sums of money, you may need to upgrade your frequency around self-worth. One way of doing this may be to list all the ways in which you are worthy. Spend time doing an activity that embodies this worthiness and raises your self-esteem. That may include treating yourself nicer or investing in yourself in a new way.  

One fast way to raise your vibration is to invite in feelings of gratitude. Gratitude immediately shifts us to a place of having and of seeing the many blessings. In what ways can you see that you already have what you’re asking for? Can you find evidence? Feeling into it as if you already have it and holding gratitude for it aligns you with the vibration of it in the present moment. This is the fastest way to magnetize it to you!

Another way to raise your vibration and hold a higher vibration more consistently is.... you guessed it. Crystals!

Powering Up Your Manifestation Abilities with Crystals

Crystals can be a powerful tool for aiding manifestations. Because of their repetitive molecular structure known as a crystalline lattice, they produce a consistent energetic vibration. Through the principle of entrainment, when we come into contact with them, we move into greater energetic balance by vibrating at the same frequency of the crystal. This often shifts our vibration to a more positive state that is more in alignment with manifestation frequencies.

Crystals consistently gather, hold and transmit energy and they are powerful at creating energetic fields to hold our intentions. When we infuse our intentions into a crystal, we create a potent vibrational field for them to be broadcast into the universe.

Top 5 Crystals for Manifesting

While I always recommend letting the crystal choose you, there are some crystals that are just powerhouses when it comes to manifesting. Here are my top five crystals for manifesting anything!

  • Quartz – These crystals are known to amplify the energy and vibration of nearly any manifestation they’re programmed for, which is why these are known as the “goal-setting” crystals.
  • Pyrite – The chief “money-manifester”, pyrites attract abundance, energy, wealth and prosperity into one’s life. You’ll often spot it in wallets, in offices and atop desks, for it is known to amplify energy towards one’s money-making space.
  • Citrine – Known as the “success stone” and favored most by those foraying into the world of manifesting with crystals, citrine is known to boost mental clarity and enhance energy in spaces where it’s commonly used. It is also known to alleviate depression, frequent mood-swings and stress, and boost confidence levels.
  • Tiger’s Eye – As may be evident from the name, this is a favorite for those looking to manifest confidence, success, improved decision-making skills and intuitive powers. This crystal also helps in developing clarity and unleashing the full extent of your creativity.
  • Amethyst – A stone chosen for expanding one’s consciousness, amethyst promotes strengthened clarity and vision – all of which help in manifesting with better direction. It also helps you relax and deepen your meditations.

If you're curious about actually using crystals to improve your wellbeing, relieve stress, and more, check out my Understanding Crystal Energy course. In this course, you'll learn how to utilize crystal energy to improve your life and become a go-to crystal expert in no time!

Trust Your Intuition 

Regardless of how each crystal is generally used, you may feel drawn towards some crystals more than others. It is perfectly alright to choose the crystals that help us reconnect with our inner energy and channel it towards our dreams and goals, instead of going by their textbook function.

Most crystal healers believe that we gravitate towards the crystals according to the energy we need at that point in our lives. However, if you need help choosing the right crystal, it’s okay to choose crystals which are widely favored and are easily available around you.


Manifesting is all about raising your vibrational frequency and aligning your energy field with the universe to co-create your own reality. You will always attract frequencies that are a vibrational match. By incorporating crystals, you can elevate your vibration and hold a more consistent frequency to support your manifestations.

Note that it is always best practice to cleanse your crystals before and after healing work. Read my blog on When and Why to Clear Your Crystals. Also check out Five Simple Ways to Use Crystals

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