Four Reasons Your Manifestations Haven't Worked

In my last blog, Supercharge Your Manifestations with Crystals, I covered what is manifesting, the law of vibration, raising your vibration and how to power up your manifestation abilities with crystal energy. Perhaps you understand all of these things. You’ve read the blog or popular books on the law of attraction and are high on creating your own reality. Maybe you’ve created your own manifestation rituals too! But something’s not adding up. You aren’t seeing the desired outcome. What gives?

In this post, I’m covering four reasons your manifestations may not be yielding the results for which you’ve hoped.

4 Reasons Why Your Manifestations Haven't Worked

1.  Self-Limiting Beliefs

Are your thoughts and feelings aligned with your intentions? Many times, manifesting fails to work because while we think we want a certain thing, in our heart of hearts we do not really believe we deserve all that we really want for ourselves. While most of us know that our ‘thoughts’ build our reality, the truth is that our beliefs create our reality.

Thus, manifesting a dream of having a beautiful home with a pool on one hand, and telling yourself that you’re not really worthy of that big house, is just as good as posting a huge stop sign right in front of your own precious dreams.

We manifest what we believe we deserve. The universe follows our feelings and vibrations, so there is no other choice we are left with, other than to weed out our self-limiting beliefs and plant new core beliefs. In other words: upgrade our frequency!

Affirmations, practicing gratitude and EFT are some of the techniques I use in my one-on-one sessions with clients to help break these limiting cycles and start manifesting effectively once again.

Try creating your own powerful affirmation to shift out of lower thought vibrations and into higher frequencies that support your dreams. It should contain a present action as if you already have the thing. For example, it is my birthright to be prosperous and joyful.

Acknowledge any feelings you have when you state your affirmation. It’s possible that you may have a hard time really embracing it fully, in which case you may need to work with a bridge thought to hone your beliefs. For example, instead of saying I am manifesting a sprawling mansion with a beautiful pool and gardens, maybe you say, I see myself in a beautiful home that makes me feel alive, free and joyful.

It’s important to find the right words that make you light up inside and that you fully believe 100%! 

Four Reasons Your Manifestations Haven't Worked

2. Attaching to the Outcome

Sometimes, we mistakenly try to micromanage each minute detail about a certain manifestation. This may imply that unless you’re sure how or when the manifestation is going to come true, you can’t seem to trust that it will happen.

A key component of manifesting is that once we set the intention, we must let go of how it will come about. We must release our desire to the universe. It doesn’t mean we no longer want it. It means we surrender what is and we relax into a deeper sense of trust that we are part of an infinite and intelligent, organizing and all-pervading force that has our best and highest interest in mind.

There is no set path for how or when your manifestation will take concrete shape. You just need to trust that the universe has your back and is working equally hard to meet you halfway, so keep working towards making your intentions happen by taking aligned action, but without attaching too many specifics regarding how and when.

I love telling this personal story of when the universe reminded me of this principle first hand.

When I planned my pilgrimage through India in 2018, I envisioned seeing elephants – majestic, frolicking creatures painted in myriad colors, maybe in a sacred ceremony or a temple – and interacting with them. I even told my friends about it. When I finally arrived in India, our guide told me – much to my disappointment – that elephants were usually found in the southern parts of India, and that our itineraries did not include any of these temples down south. So our chances of spotting an elephant were bleak.

I felt deflated, but I let go of the attachment to seeing elephants (the details of the manifestation).

I would still see reminders everywhere – I’d spot elephant scarves and souvenirs being sold at the markets. We’d recognize and appreciate elephant murals and paintings, but I still had no expectations regarding actually seeing the elephants.

Our trip finally drew to an end, and we were traveling to the New Delhi airport from Dharamshala, preparing ourselves for the beginning of a long journey back home. The mood in the van was somber as we had a 5-hour drive to reach the first airport in our 24+ hour journey home. As I looked out the window, to my surprise I spotted an elephant on the side of the road. We couldn’t believe our eyes – it was definitely in the Northern part of India, and there it was, a beautiful elephant with signs of faded paint on various parts of its body, as a reminder of perhaps a festival or a temple ritual it had been a part of – just like I had envisioned! We pulled over to be able to take the sight in – the caretaker was a nice, warm man and he even let us pet the elephant and take pictures. We even got to take turns walking under its belly, which is considered a symbol of good fortune in several cultures!

My friends and our Indian guides were so amazed that this happened. They all knew it was divinely guided. What were the chances?! It was then that I realized that I manifested this dream to see an elephant for all of us.

Because I was told the chances were bleak, I let go of the how. The universe organized the field to make it a reality. It is only when we relax and let go, making room for the divinely orchestrated intelligence of the universe, that we receive.

3. Taking Aligned Action

Manifesting is an art that ultimately comes down to managing one’s energy or vibration. Are your thoughts, beliefs and intentions aligning with your actions to attain what you’re trying to manifest? If the answer to this is yes, then be assured that the universe is working in your favor to deliver.

However, if you’re waiting for the universe to do all the work, this may result in failed manifestations. It is actually more common than you may realize where we ask for something, but then energetically leave or fail to take action towards it. Whether we don’t fully believe it or on some deep level we may not truly want it even though we think we do on the surface, there is a reason for us abandoning our intentions.

When we take action that aligns with what it is we want, we are signaling to the universe that we are dedicated. We are already in the current of it thus making it easier to bring it about.

For example, if I want to be a successful yoga teacher with packed classes but I don’t have my yoga teacher certification, I am probably not going to get hired by the studio where I want to teach. But if I take aligned action to learn how to teach and show up to class weekly honing my own practice, I am doing my part to align with the energy of my intention.

So take some time to examine if this has happened for you and dissect it to see why. There may be deeper belief work to be done on levels that you may not be aware of.

Know that by taking aligned action towards what it is you want, and feeling it as if you already have it, you are aligning with the vibration of it. You essentially already have it. You are putting energy in motion, to bring it closer and closer.

4. Trusting in Right Timing

We don’t get to know why things flow the way do. But often, when time has passed, we see why things were the way they were. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. Know that the universe will only give you what you can handle energetically. So while you may think you are a high-vibe soul, all the manifesting work in the world may not bring what it is you think you want. And there is a good reason for it. You simply may not be at a place to hold what it is you want on an energetic level. It may come with responsibility that you aren’t aware of. It may force other things out of your life that aren’t completed yet. Simply put, the timing isn’t right. And the organizing divine intelligence knows this better than you.

If you suspect this could be the case, simply ask – is the timing not right for me now? And see what flows in. Trust that the universe will only give you what you’re truly able to hold energetically. And that’s a good thing.


Take some time to reflect on whether any of these reasons may be sinking your wildest dreams. By getting super honest and looking more closely, it is possible to see where you’re falling short and course correct.

It is our birthright to be in harmony and flow with the divine intelligence of the universe.

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