Top Ten Gifts to Make You a Holiday Hero

If you enjoyed my last post, Top Five Tips for Giving a Meaningful Gift, but still feel a little stuck on just what to give that special someone for the holidays, then this post is for you. I’m going to share my favorite items that make perfect gifts for those special people who impact your life.

All of our jewelry is created around deeper meaning and special symbolism. I talk about the meaning behind our pieces a lot because it makes an otherwise simple object more than just stuff that clutters up your bathroom counter. Our pieces can infuse your life with inspiration that is felt on the level of the spirit. And they’re made with love and receive special blessings before leaving the studio. Our customers tell us over and over again they feel this in our pieces. 

Here's our top ten recommendations on gifts that are sure to be received with a smile!

  1. Bracelets are a wonderful way to connect hearts and minds. You can give the same bracelet to a mother and daughter, sisters or close girlfriends. Whenever they put it on and look at it throughout the day, they are always reminded of the other person, creating an even stronger bond that forms an unspoken sisterhood. Our  Zeta Druzy Agate Bangle Bracelet is an elegant and stylish bracelet that will look good with any outfit. Any of our stacking bracelets make wonderful gifts with unique blends of crystal energy that offers energetic support. Also check out my  Mommy and Me Stacking Bracelet set for really special mother/daughter gift.
  2. Our Anchor the Light Monthly Box makes a great gift if you are wanting to make a positive impact on someone’s life. What better gift can you give than sharing a spirit based practice all year long that inspires the mind, body and spirit? With this subscription box, each month your recipient will be prompted to do the healing work of transforming their beliefs using affirmations, journaling, setting intentions, using memory queues like jewelry and crystals to remind them of their powerful role as a co-creator and inspires them to be the change by taking and active role in their own healing.
  3. Looking for a gift that will leave a lasting impression? Our Birthday Bundle isn’t just for birthdays! This makes a great gift for any occasion. It includes a zodiac charm necklace, sage smudge stick, and a 30-minute reading with spiritual medium and certified crystal healer, Jenny Shanks. Full of inspiring insights, and all the special tools for cleansing your energetic field, setting clear and grounded intentions, this would make a great stocking stuffer.
  4. Having a signature necklace is like having a signature fragrance. Am I right? Our  Moonphase Bar Necklace has been a great gift for the moon lover. This necklace serves as a reminder of  your connection to the greater whole, that we are all apart of a much larger cosmic dance that is always in flow. And there’s more where that came from! We have a wide variety of unique charm necklaces with rich symbolism for inspiring the spirit. 
  5. Any of our  Druzy Agate Hex Earrings would make an excellent gift. Druzy agate is said to promote relaxation, dispel negativity and cleanse the aura. And who doesn’t need more relaxation in their life? These earrings are always a hit and come in five different colors. We especially love the black and the blue grey because they are so versatile.
  6. A mala would make a beautiful gift for a yogi. It's likely unexpected and shows how well you know what they love. While I recommend any of our malas, the  Balance Tulsi Mala helps to impart peace, relaxation and grounding and is features a beautiful neutral and soothing palette that resonates with everyone.
  7. For a gal with a more modern vibe, you can’t go wrong with our bestselling  Dottie Grey Shell Bar Necklace or the  Dottie Grey Sea Shell Hoop Earrings. They’re soft, modern, and neutral; unique but versatile enough to go with any outfit.
  8. The Selenite Wrap Bracelet packs a double punch and has been a crowd favorite. It features a sleek selenite bar that helps to ward off negative energy to protect your auric field. And it wraps five times around the wrist to create an instantly stylish stacking bracelet combo. It’s super comfortable and makes you feel instantly pulled together without a lot of effort.
  9. Crystals are always a wonderful a gift because they offer energetic support and raise the vibration of the space and the person. A wonderful place to start is the Crystal Chakra Set. It includes crystals for supporting each of the chakras, in addition to the soul star and earth star chakras, and it includes an info card with more details. (And if you've been looking to get into crystals but you're still unsure of where to begin, check out my Understanding Crytal Energy course where you'll learn how to utilize the power of crystals to connect to your inner self and enhance your life!)
  10. For those who are open to all things woo woo, the Aura Reading and Painting is a wonderful gift! It includes tuning into the recipient’s energy field to gather information about their current situation. The information is interpreted in an abstract watercolor painting and read back to the individual to gain deeper insights. It is always eye opening and empowering for the recipient.  

Whatever you decide, giving a gift with love will always show how much you care. Your thoughtfulness and appreciation for that person will shine through in the gift you’ve selected for them. 

Happy holidays and all the love!

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