Top Five Tips for Giving a Meaningful Gift

The holidays are a festive time where we come together with our loved ones to celebrate. Our glasses are filled with sparkling ciders, the tables are lined with delicious foods and we often have endless confections to consume. But there is one aspect of the holidays that tends to cause more of us stress than any other part.

Gift giving.

...specifically finding gifts for those who mean something special to us. Those who, often times, are the ones who say, “No, no. No need to get me anything.” Yeah, I’m sure you know exactly who I’m talking about. That’s why I’m bringing you this blog post on how to shop for those whom you want to go the extra mile. 

Here are a few of my tips on giving a gift with meaning: 

  1. Buy a gift that symbolizes something. Symbols can hold great significance for a life filled with purpose and spiritual growth. For this reason, a symbolic gift carries a potency unmatched by other sentiments. Symbols hold a lot of power in our psyche. They have been used since ancient times to signify cultural and spiritual beliefs. A simple graphic can express emotion, feeling, and intuitive understanding of ideas that may be difficult to interpret. Symbols can also be used as a reminder queue to bring about mindful moments and reflections on its meaning. Some symbols have universal meaning. For example, it is common to see charm necklaces featuring crosses or angels such as St. Michael who is known as the great protector. As the giver of the gift, you can even assign your own meaning and intention behind the gift.
  2. Custom jewelry.  So many of us want something that is uniquely ours, but often times, we just don’t bother to order anything customized to our tastes or preferences. Sometimes it just seems like it is too much trouble to take that extra step in contacting a business owner. In reality, custom pieces are some of my items to create! My customized stacking bracelets, for example, are personalized to suit your energy field (or that of your gift recipient). Then when the bracelet is gifted, it becomes even more special because it carries the sentiment of the giver and will be an item to remember you and your connection, making you always feel close. How extraordinary of a gift!
  3. Shop handmade. When you purchase from a small business owner (like myself), you find unique gifts that you can’t just buy in your regular “big box” store. Handcrafted gifts are made with love, which is always felt by the recipient. It shows that you put special effort into it, adding to its thoughtfulness. Additionally, when you shop small, your money is going back into the local economy. It’s a beautiful thing, knowing that your buying decision will put a smile on the face of another person.
  4. Put yourself in their shoes. It’s easy to shop for ourselves, we know what we like. But it’s harder to shop for others because we often times let our own tastes dictate what we purchase. Think about what you are getting ready to purchase. Have you ever seen your loved one wear gold jewelry or are they a statement earrings kind of person? Or have they always worn silver? If your friend is a yogi, a mala makes a beautiful gift that will likely be unexpected and will show how well you know what they love.  Try to see things from their point of view. What would they want? What do they need? What will help grow them on their journey (whether it be spiritually, physically, or mentally)?
  5. Consider crystals. Over time, I’ve found that giving the gift of crystal energy (in some form or another) is always well received. When you give someone the gift of crystals, you are letting them know that you truly care for them and want to provide them with an object that will help uplift them and brighten their day. You are letting your loved one know that you want to be able to support them, even when you can’t physically be there for them! Crystals, and crystal jewelry, are items of beauty and always elicit a gasp of wonder from your loved one. (And if you really want to learn how to harness the power of crystals to improve your life and spirituality, my Understanding Crystal Energy course is a wonderful gift to give to those seeking a deeper knowledge of crystals!)

When you take time to thoughtfully select a gift based on the interests and qualities of the recipient, you can never go wrong. Giving from a place of love and gratitude is a true expression of the heart that will always be well received.

Check out new Gift Ideas page for some of our favorites!

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