August 26, 2019 2 min read

Having a dedicated contemplative practice allows you to dive deep into your belief patterns, unpack the layers of programming and examine what is true and real for YOU. One of the most common ways to work through thoughts to distill the mind and land in your heart space is through journaling. 

Try out this affirmation:

Once I decide, the universe conspires to support me. Always in all ways. And so it is. 

Everything in the world is comprised of energy, even our thoughts and words. They hold a vibration and send out a frequency to which the whole universe responds. When we are in limbo or waffle between which path is the best or which choice to make, we get a mix of results and responses back. Once we decide, truly decide, we can hold a consistent vibration for what it is we desire most. Sometimes the hardest part is arriving at the decision to decide. It involves facing our fears, overcoming limiting thought patterns and doing 'the work' to finally step all the way in.

work with positive affirmations to shift your mindset

To work with this affirmation, spend some time noticing where you haven't fully decided, or fully arrived at a true intention. Trust in knowing the universe will respond to your call.

Try out these journal prompts to explore your thoughts around this affirmation:

  • Things holding me back from deciding are...
  • When I fully decide I feel...
  • To fully trust things will work out, I need to...
  • Any other thoughts that arise...

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