Deepen your Meditation Practice with Crystals

It's no secret that I love crystals. I use them in a variety of ways to entrain with their energy field for greater balance, manifestation and relaxation. One of my favorite ways of working with crystals is in meditation and here's why.

When you take time to quiet the noise and move inward, the mind begins to soften. You can become fully present to the finer aspects of your being. You can really begin to LISTEN. With practice you develop greater attunement and the body, mind and spirit become more integrated. 

When you add crystals to this, you can begin to sense their energy. It may feel like pulsing or a tingling sensation with a consistent rhythm. Some crystals may feel lower or slower while others may feel high as if they are buzzing. Each one has its own frequency. And each person has their own experience of it. There is no right or wrong way.

Meditation gives you the time and space to fully explore your own unique experience with different crystals.

Because our energy field is always in flux, when we come into contact with crystals and sit with them, as in meditation, our energy field begins to entrain with the consistent frequency of the crystal. This moves us to even greater states of relaxation. The brainwaves move further into a theta state creating a rich environment for healing and restoration. 

You might be wondering if all crystals promote relaxation. In my experience, most do. But everyone is different. Just because one crystal my be supportive for heart healing and another one good for grounding doesn't necessarily mean that is what you will experience. That is why I think it's so important to choose intuitively and explore crystal energy for yourself. 

If you want to learn more about crystals or be a part of a high-vibe, spiritual minded group, join my Anchor the Light Facebook group to learn more about crystals and how to effectively use them in a daily practice.

All the love!

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