Understanding Crystal Grids: How to Use

In our last blog post Understanding Crystal Grids: What Exactly Are They, we explained what a crystal grid was and how it can amplify your intentions. In this post, we’re actually going to walk you through how to incorporate a healing crystal grid into your manifestation practice.

First, you need to decide why you want to work with a grid. What is your intention? Crystal grids are generally best to be used with bigger life intentions or desires - things like manifesting a new job, new relationship, wanting clarity on your higher purpose, selling a house or moving.

Now that you have a focus, you need to decide where your crystal grid will be located. It's best that your crystal grid is located someplace where you will receive its energies daily such as a bedroom or office. But it can be anywhere really. Just make sure that it is in a safe location, away from curious little hands (or paws).

With a location selected, you will set up your grid and then activate it. We’ll cover how to create your own grid in the next post! If you’ve purchased a grid, you will simply set it up based on the layout provided. You can see our selection of grids here. They all come with instructions on how to activate them.

understanding how to use crystal grids

Activation is the process of networking the energies of the individual stones together and connecting them back to the generator crystal in the center to amplify the energetic effects of the grid. This can be treated as a ritual to make it even more special. Light candles, play music and journal about where you are in your journey. Write your intention down and even place it under the grid or under the crystal in the center.

Now that your crystal grid is activated, you can begin working with it. There really isn’t anything you have to do. Being present and holding a high vibration anchored by feelings of gratitude are the best complimentary ingredients. You can meditate near your grid to align your energy field and intention. You can journal or chant. Just incorporate whatever your spiritual practice may be. This is something that is uniquely personal.

I’ve recently discovered a new and powerful way of working with the energy of a grid. Because I love wearing my crystals, I've created a unique approach to working with your grid by incorporating a coordinating bracelet that you will activate with the grid. Genius, right?! This allows you to stay connected to a much larger network of crystal energy for the ultimate energetic support. It will also serve as a reminder of the intentions you carry in your heart, connecting you back to your inner spirit throughout the day. See our new mini grids and bracelets here.

You can really do this with any grid and bracelet! You’ll just place the bracelet next to the grid during the activation process and link its energies in with the grid. 

Once you begin working with your grid, it is a good idea to check in periodically. The grid will need to be re-activated, generally every couple of weeks. You can place your left hand over the grid to feel its energy field, sensing or knowing when it needs to be activated. This process isn’t complicated. Just tune in and see what you notice. If it feels time, then simply re-activate it. If you’re not sure, then just plan to do this every 2-3 weeks.

Many people ask how long you should leave a grid in place and that really depends. For some it may be a month, for others it may be 6 months or a year. If the intention has been completed (for example, you get that new job or promotion you were seeking), then that is an obvious sign its work is done. You will become attuned to your grid and develop a relationship with it. Generally, you will know when your grid has reached completion. You will feel it energetically. It won't have the same bigness in your field.

When you are ready to disassemble your grid, it is important to do this in the same ritualistic way and with the same honor that you had when creating it, acknowledging the service and wisdom of the crystals and of the earth with gratitude. This can be done by cleansing your crystals, or even burying them in the ground. You may wish to journal about your experience with that particular grid. Journaling can be a great way to reflect on your experience and can be used to compare and learn from your experiences over time. Even when using identical crystals, the energy of each grid and your experience with it may vary.

If you're still unsure of using crystal grids (or crystals period), my Understanding Crystal Energy course is the perfect fit for you. Learn how to choose the right crystals for you and harness the power of crystals to level up your life and enhance your wellbeing.

Also read our next post where we will show you how to create your own crystal grid and go a bit deeper into how to select your crystals!

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