Understanding Crystal Grids: Creating Your Own Grid

In the final post of our ‘Understanding Crystal Grids’ series, we are going to focus on how to create your own grid! If you’ve just found this post, you may wish to refer back to our previous posts explaining what exactly is a crystal grid and how to use one

Selecting Your Crystals  

What may be the hardest part of developing your own crystal grid is actually knowing what crystals to use based on what intentions you are trying to set.

For those of you who have an intimate knowledge of your crystals - you may be already aware of their properties and can easily select the crystals best suited for your needs. For those of you who are new to crystals, this may require some research.

While it is easy to get swept away reading about the metaphysical properties of crystals, I am a big proponent of letting the crystals choose you. Crystals are energetic beings that contain wisdom from the earth. Working them is a co-creation process and when you invite them to come forward, holding your intentions in your heart, you’ll find that there is a deeper level of exchange occurring to bring forward the healing energy needed for your highest good. It’s always magical and perfect!

So how does one go about this?

creating your own crystal grid


Start by calling on the highest vibrations of love and light to support your intention of <fill in the blank>. Ask that the right crystals come forward to be incorporated into the grid. Then simply scan your crystals and notice which ones seem to catch your attention first. Pull them aside. Continue this process until it feels complete. Note you will want to also select a generator crystal for the center. This is a crystal that sits on a nice flat base and terminates at a point that directs energy upwards.

Once you feel you have all of the appropriate crystals selected, you can confirm your selection using a pendulum. Or you can read about each of your crystals in more depth to better understand how they may be offering support. A reputable source that we love is Crystal Vaults and one of my favorite crystal reference books is The Book of Stones, by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.

A crystal grid can be as big or small as you like and can include any variety of crystals. We offer a wide selection of tumbled stones that are perfect for grids. Check them out here. Some of our favorites include Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite for how they work to balance and align the heart chakra.

Placing Your Crystals

As we discussed in the first post, crystal grids are based on sacred geometry, which penetrates the grid and energizes it with potent symbols that form the building blocks of the universe. Crystals will typically be placed at the intersections of converging lines within a sacred geometry pattern, such as the seed of life, and be symmetrical in their layout – meaning if a crystal is placed on converging lines on the left, you will see a crystal mirroring it on the right. You can use a wooden grid base to serve as the foundation for your grid, or you can use a paper pattern, grid cloth or simply arrange them based on an invisible grid. You will still be able to place your crystals where you wish, these boards will just give you ideas for placement.

Now gather together the crystals you’ve carefully selected or felt called to include in your grid. Place the generator crystal at the center of your grid - this is going to act as the broadcaster for your intentions. Focus your mind, your energy on this stone, and visualize your intentions. You will activate all this energy soon.

Around this center crystal, place the other crystals you’ve selected. Hold each one in your hand, filling it full of energy. As you place each one on the grid, notice if it feels like it is in the right spot. You can always check it with a pendulum. This may take some shifting around until it feels correct.

Activating Your Grid

Once your crystals feel that they are placed in the right spot, you will activate the grid. This is a process of networking the energies together to form a stronger field of blended and amplified crystal energy.

To activate the grid, we use a directional crystal such as a point or a wand that directs energy. In our crystal grid kits, our activator tool is selenite as it clears negative energy and helps to restore emotional balance.

Start by calling in the highest vibrations of love and light, and any beings of divine love that you feel connected to. Ask for their blessing, protection and support of intention for the highest benefit. Tap the generator crystal in the center and circle around it with your point. Then circle around each individual stone and come back to circle the center crystal as if you are making a figure 8 between each outer crystal and the generator crystal in the center. Once you complete circling each one and networking it back to the center, then circle the generator crystal three times stating your intention. Tap the top of it and send it up, raising your hand and saying, “so be it.” 

If you are attuned to subtle energies, place your hand over top of the grid to feel its energy. It will feel more powerful after activating it. Check in with it periodically to see if you notice a difference. Most grids will generally need to be activated again every couple of weeks. If you aren’t sure, it never hurts to activate it. Check in with its energy before and after to see if you notice a difference. You can also use a pendulum for guidance to see how strong the energy field is.

Giving Thanks

Be sure to give thanks to the earth, the crystal wisdom keepers, and any divine beings of love you called in showing appreciation for their love, compassion, encouragement and support of your soul’s higher calling and deepest desires. Know that you are truly loved and cared for.

In Summary

Creating a crystal grid is not as intimidating as some are led to believe. The biggest idea that you should remember is that there is no right or wrong way here. Go with your instinct. If there are certain crystals or stones you are feeling might be best suited for your grid, use them. If there are certain ones you are feeling the need to connect with right now then use those. Put your own beautiful intent into the grid. Your crystal grid is uniquely yours and yours alone.

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