March 18, 2019 4 min read

The vernal equinox is upon us and with it comes feelings of hope, renewal, and depending on where you live, the long awaited sun! This natural rhythm of the earth is one of rebirth as the ground awakens from its winter slumber with the movement of tiny seeds germinating, pushing through the soil to rise up to meet the sun and rain, and growing into beautiful expressions of life. The seeds planted during this time benefit from increasingly more rain and light that creates a perfectly fertile environment. We celebrate this beautiful first day of spring that holds an equal amount of light and dark ushering in days that are increasingly filled with more light. This light gives way to accelerated growth as we move into the warmer months.

This time of year is a potent time to set intentions because the seeds of your thoughts are flowing with the natural order of the planet. Just like the seeds in your garden, your intentions are nourished by the water and light collecting the energy needed for growth and manifestation, aka harvest. Here are three wonderful ways to incorporate a practice for setting intentions during this special time.

1. Journaling

Writing is a powerful self-reflection tool as we create the time and space for our thoughts to flow and then see those thoughts come to life as they turn into words on a page. Spoken words carry even more potential as they are energized by our voice. Journaling can be especially helpful when you are trying to determine what the best intention should be.

For example, you may want to quit smoking but to simply say you want to quit smoking directs your attention to the very subject you are trying to overcome – smoking. So this is where the brain lands. To journal about the benefits of not smoking and what life might look like once you accomplish that would be time better spent. And then summarize that into a powerful intention that will assist you with the goal. In this example, it might be: I make healthy choices that promote my highest wellbeing.

Write your intention a positive affirmative statement and place it some place where you will see it every day. This might be on your nightstand where you reflect on it before bed. Or maybe it’s on your bathroom mirror where you'll reflect on it each morning. The idea is that you will have a few minutes to connect back to your intention and breathe into it. Journal daily or weekly about your insights and discoveries along the way to reinforce your growth. 

2. Working with a Crystal

Crystals have a repetitive molecular structure that allows them to hold a consistent energetic vibration. They have the ability to receive, store, and give off energy. They have the ability to hold our intentions and communicate those on an energetic level, like a prayer. To program a crystal, sit quietly in meditation holding your crystal in your right hand. Start with an invocation to call on your guardian angels, ascended masters, wisdom keepers, and archangels for the highest benefit of all. State your intention in a positive affirmative manner as in the example above, allowing it to flow from your body into the crystal. Reflect on your intention and your crystal and hold gratitude in your heart, trusting in the divine intelligence of the universe to orchestrate the perfect sequence of events for you. Close by saying thank you three times: thank you, thank you, thank you.

You can place your crystal on your nightstand or some place you will see it each day. Or you can carry it with you in your pocket. Or you can even program a piece of jewelry and choose to wear it daily while working with this intention. You can choose to hold it during meditations if you’d like but you don’t have to.

If you find that you are finished working with this intention, you leave this energy programmed in your crystal and come back to it at a later date, or you can clear it by placing it in the sun or moonlight for a few hours or placing it on a piece of selenite.

3. Japa Mala Meditation

Meditation is a powerful way to work with intentions. Japa mala meditation is specifically designed around an intention. You create an intention first and then assign a mantra or affirmation to it. You use the mala or prayer beads to keep count of the number of times you state your affirmation or mantra. To fully charge your mala with your energy and intention, it is said that you should practice once or twice daily for 40 days.

Learn more about this powerful practice in our eBook, The Art of Mala Making, Ritual, and Practice. Even if you aren’t interested in making your own mala, this guide will walk you through an intention setting exercise, help you commit to your practice, and explain how to properly use your mala. You can also find handmade malas in the shop, thoughtfully designed around common desires and blessed with reiki.

Whatever your intention practice looks like, know that you are but one part of the equation. All you have to do is create the intention, speak it clearly, and let it go. Your work is done. Many times, people want to hang on to the 'doing'. But it is in the letting go and relaxing that we receive, an equal balance of masculine and feminine energies. Do not even begin to try to imagine how your intention will manifest. For this is limited to the confines of your life experiences up to this point and cannot fathom the possibilities and potentiality. Simply trust and have faith in the divine plan. Enjoy life. Hold gratitude as often as possible for your many blessings. And be prepared for the universe to blow your mind. 

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