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I’m so freakin’ excited! I am launching my first ever eBook in two editions. The topic… malas!

You may be wondering, what the heck is a mala? You might even be thinking, yeah... that’s not for me. But let’s not pass judgement so soon! This IS for everyone, and here’s why you should lean in and give malas a shot.

When malas are used as intended, for meditation (or japa mala as it’s called), they become a powerful tool for improving your wellbeing. Malas help with reducing stress, creating more zen, feeling a greater sense of self-love, increasing feelings of gratitude, becoming a magnet for attracting what you desire, and developing increased feelings of connection.

Have you ever said, “I’ve tried meditation, but I just can’t do it?” You’ve heard of the wonderful benefits and you recognize that your self-care routine could be more of a priority, but some things just feel like work. The last thing you need is more work!

In an environment of being bombarded all day with incoming messages and information being streamed from numerous devices simultaneously, to actually sit quietly and focus the mind feels highly unattainable. Of course you think you don't have time to meditate. When we think we’re not good at something, of course we don’t want to play. The same goes for meditating and creating more zen.

But here’s the thing, there is no right or wrong. No good or bad. We all experience a busy mind. We all have thoughts that dance off into stories and then we realize, "oh yeah, I’m supposed to be still!" Come back here, brain, and focus on the breath!

Yoga Mala Making Ebook

The key is being willing to show up and to have compassion for ourselves when judgement creeps in. If we are practicing mindfulness in the name of self-care and wellbeing, there is really no room for judgement anyway, right? When we let go of judgement, it doesn’t matter what happens in our session. It doesn’t matter how long it is, if we ever feel still, or if we even finish. What matters is the commitment to showing up, and the commitment to yourself and to your mental, emotional, and physical health.

With practice, the brain learns to relax. You begin to drop into lower brain wave activity more quickly. You start to feel more peace. And you even start to look forward to it! It becomes your reprieve. It’s your time to empty your head and for just a moment, feel lighter and more expansive as you come to know bliss.

So, back to what we were originally talking about. Where does the mala come in? Again, malas are tools for mantra meditation. Using malas is a different way to meditate than just sitting cross legged with eyes closed trying to focus the mind.

In japa mala practice, you create an intention for your mala, give it a mantra or affirmation, and chant it using the beads of the mala to keep count. This practice amplifies the traditional benefits of meditation because it incorporates vibrational healing from sound. It gives your mind a place to land and your hand something to do, so it tends to feel way ‘easier’ to do than traditional meditation.

One round of chanting your mala takes about five minutes. How simple is that?! This is SUCH powerful stuff and it is so much more do-able and fun than what most people think meditating is!

While you're here reading this post, make sure to shop my mala collection so you can get a jump start on your mala practice!  And if you're looking for a community of like-minded spiritual seekers and uplifting souls, check out our Anchor the Light Facebook group so you can surround yourself with higher vibrations than you knew possible.

All the love!


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