Working with Crystal Energy to Ease Back-to-School Stress

Being a parent through a worldwide pandemic presents a whole new set of obstacles to maneuver. Whether it’s managing home schooling while juggling a busy work schedule, keeping up with the school’s latest announcements, blowing off the judgement and criticism of other parents or trying to diffuse your own anxiety to protect your children from the crazy that lives in your head… it’s a lot!

With anxiety at an all-time high, you may be feeling a bit desperate, willing to try anything. Or you may be laughing thinking, really? Crystals for back to school? I’ve heard it all!

Alternative healing modalities are usually the last thing we try because prior to reaching our breaking point, we laugh them off thinking it’s all hocus pocus. But as we come to our wit’s end, we start to raise our brows at some of the compelling information and open up to trying new things.

Back to School Crystals Blog

Children Have More Open Auras

Did you know that children have more open auras and are more receptive to the world around them?

In a study on human energy fields, research showed the “difference on chakras showed children to be the most open while adults were the most shut down.” This is why children are so attuned to others’ emotions, naturally show compassion, exhibit a connection to and curiosity about nature and… are naturally drawn to crystals.

About the Aura

The aura is the energetic field that surrounds the physical body and it takes in information that informs the emotions, thoughts and feelings. It’s largely how we naturally perceive the world around us. For example, when we’re in a room full of people crying, we naturally feel the weight of their sadness. On the contrary, if we’re at a football game playing our top rival and our team is ahead, we get swept away in the exuberance.

Our energy field is always fluctuating and is influenced by our mood, environment, what we eat, our sleep, feelings, thoughts, sound, etc. When we come into contact with the natural world, we experience a much larger energy field that holds a consistent vibration - and we entrain with it. Entrainment is when two separate things that vibrate at different rates start to sync up and vibrate at the same frequency following the more dominate frequency. The earth has her own electromagnetic field and generally vibrates at the frequency at 7.83 Hz, known as the Schumann resonance. And when we spend time in nature, we start to harmonize with her through entrainment. You’ve probably experienced this when visiting the ocean as you stand on the beach and look out and feel so at peace and one with the world. You are in harmonic resonance with the vibrations of the ocean.

How Crystals Work

Crystals also hold a consistent energetic vibration due to how they are formed. When we work with crystals intentionally in meditation or by simply carrying them with us throughout the day, we entrain with their vibration allowing us to hold a more consistent frequency.

Because children have more open auras, they are naturally way more receptive to this. We (adults) find it endearing, viewing it as being fascinated by the natural world. But what is really happening is an energetic exchange that feels positive and good to the child's system. Our bodies innately know what promotes health and vitality. It’s our social conditioning that breaks this down and separates us from nature’s medicine.

In addition to there being a positive energetic influence from crystals, it can also be comforting to associate your stone with a positive thought to help ground you when feeling anxious or unhappy. For example, you could use the phrase, I AM lovable and capable. And every time you come into contact with the stone throughout the day, you say the phrase and really feel it. Whatever statement you use, it should feel really expansive and grounding and help to lessen the negative feelings you commonly experience. If using this with your child, talk to them about what it means so they really feel good about it, and practice it with them. You can even change the stone and the phrase each day or week.

I created the Back to School Crystals to offer energetic support to children, as well as teachers and parents, for navigating this transition with success and ease. When I asked my clients and Anchor the Light community members where their children needed support, they said: learning, protection, confidence, help with socializing, anxiety, and being calm.

The energies included in the bundle are: 

Amazonite - tranquility, peace, calming, relieves stress & anxiety, heart healing, truth, integrity

Flourite - clarity, focus, supports learning and organization of information

Citrine - abundance, success, happiness, energy, courage, confidence

Orange Calcite - physical vitality, motivation, creativity, joy, optimism

Smokey Quartz - grounding, clears negative energy, balance, purification, EMF protection

Selenite - clears negative energy, angelic protection and connection 

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Try it out and see what you experience!

For more information on how to use crystals, check out this post on Five Simple Ways to Use Crystals or to take your knowledge and confidence even deeper, check out my Understanding Crystal Energy course.  

Also note, anytime you acquire new crystals, it is essential to clear them as they accumulate energy along their journey. So before working with them, you’ll want to restore them to their highest vibration. Read this post to learn When + Why to Clear Your Crystals.

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