November 23, 2021 1 min read

Align with Gratitude Meditation

We are all connected in our desire to be happy, to live abundantly and to experience joy. It is our birthright, yet so many of us are overcome with stress, mental burdens and overthinking and it robs us of inner peace. The fastest way to shift our vibration is to align with gratitude. It is always available to us. It is merely a matter of aligning with it in the now moment. 

Gratitude has been scientifically researched extensively and has shown to improve sleep, reduce burnout, stress and anxiety, promote wellbeing and feelings of happiness, increase resilience and support emotional balance. 

Enjoy this guided meditation where you'll open your heart and align with the high frequencies of gratitude to carry more light in your field. Encode your cells with the vibration of gratitude and return to it again and again whenever you forget. 



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