February 22, 2019 2 min read

Continuing on with our last blog of the series that expands on the personal mantra, Stand Firmly in Your Light.

Pillar number five is: By consistently showing up in the this way, my spirit becomes fully embodied, anchoring my light and allowing me to shine my brightest expression into the world. stand firmly in your light pillar five

Like with anything, practice strengthens us. Consistency creates stability allowing us to stand more firmly. Our spirit becomes more and more anchored into the body and we radiate light. As we shine our fullest and brightest expression into the world, our soul finds its greatest nourishment. This is what it means to stand firmly in our light.

Nothing can nourish the soul but light. - Rumi

Pillar number five in action: Develop a reminder queue for coming back to this mantra. A reminder queue helps us to shift out of a negative pattern. By bringing our attention to our mantra, we shift back into embodying our light. Our mantra cuff is designed to do this! By wearing it daily and looking at it throughout the day, you will be reminded of your practice, feeling anchored, loved, and supported. 

Of course you can associate anything with this mantra like a crystal or a mala or anything that feels special. This will help build your consistency muscle. Over time, this will become so natural that it is a habit, a habit that constitutes a high vibration and contributes to the shift of a more loving, expansive existence for ourselves and our planet.

Shine on!

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