Preparing the Mind and Spirit for Autumn Equinox + Free Gratitude Ritual!

You feel it – the changing of the seasons. It’s funny to me how this shift in mindset and spirit happens automatically. The temperature may still in the 90s, yet people start dressing differently, acting differently and almost crave the new season that’s coming. Our bodies are tuned to the earth’s natural rhythms. The time-honored practices of ancient cultures are stored deep in our cells and we sense it on levels we aren’t even aware of. While many behave as if we live on the earth, we are actually part of the earth. And mother earth’s wisdom guides us naturally. We know that the equinox is coming and we naturally begin to shift weeks ahead of it. 

Equinox means ‘equal night’ in Latin and marks the two times out of the year where we receive equal light and darkness. Many cultures recognize the four cycles as a time to go within, to reflect and receive wisdom as the inner spiritual journey becomes illuminated by the earth’s natural turning points.

When we take time to sync up with these rhythmic landmarks, we discover deeper insights, new aspects, desires and maybe even old wounds.

When we acknowledge that we are spiritual beings living a human experience, it validates our inner most essence, our purpose and what drives us on a daily basis. In turning our attention towards our spirit, it creates space to be fully open and present to our true nature.

The autumn equinox is a time to honor the harvest, both physically and spiritually. It is a time to celebrate the land, the sun and moon and the richness of our earth in how it provides for us. It is a time to reap the benefits of our efforts and intentions from the spring and summer. It is a time to acknowledge the abundance in our lives with a grateful heart. When you really feel into this, gratitude naturally arises so big!

Looking ahead, the days will become less light filled and will contain more darkness. It is a time to go inward and prepare a fertile ground for the next cycle. We do this be clearing away old patterns, habits, qualities or relations that create clutter or are no longer serving us. And we simply rest. By not doing, we move to a place of dormancy where we create a quiet internal space to listen and receive the quiet whispers of the heart. In this place of growing darkness, it is a natural time to confront the shadow aspects of ourselves to heal, reclaim lost or hidden parts, becoming more whole so that we may emerge with more light.

Taking time for ritual or ceremony to acknowledge your spiritual journey and reflect on where you are at this time in mother earth’s cycle, gives energy to your practice. When we create a physical practice or experience, we make visible the inner spiritual work that is invisible, giving it strength and deepening our commitment to being both a mindful observer and active participant in our growth, renewal, death and rebirth.

I've created a gratitude ritual to reflect on the abundance in your life, honor it with gratitude and expand your heart. It's designed to raise your vibration for the season ahead. Feel free to share it with others!

Gratitude Ritual

And a note here - if you're looking to join a community full of high-vibe, spiritual women who are just as in tune with the seasons as you are, join our Anchor the Light Facebook group for spiritual seekers. Learn to reclaim your inner light and shine brighter through the power of community.

All the love!

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