Using Your Yoga Practice to Intuitively Select Crystals

When choosing crystals for meditation or a personal talisman, many people will identify where they are needing support and select a crystal that offers benefits in that area. For example, if they are struggling in a relationship, they may opt for rose quartz. While this is a logical approach, it may close one off to other options that may be of greater assistance on one’s journey.

Alternatively, crystals may also be selected intuitively by calling on our high self or divine intelligence to lead the way, guiding us to the best choice for our greatest benefit. The result is often a surprise and a delight as new aspects of ourselves and our work are revealed. Building on the example above, you may be intuitively guided toward septarian. Upon reading about septarian, you learn how it is supporting you with releasing ancestral patterns and old wounding. This may be where the root of your work is in that relationship struggle. But had you selected the rose quartz, you would just be working at the surface level of the problem, still benefiting nonetheless, but perhaps there is work your soul is ready to do, thus the reason you’re having the struggle to begin with.

Learning to connect with this deeper aspect of ourselves to be intuitively guided to what our soul needs takes practice and a dedicated effort towards self-discovery. The answers are within. It is simply a process of going inside to reveal our highest truths. The very essence of this process, is yoga. It is summed up best by a quote from the Bhagavad Gita that says, 

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” yoga journey

If you practice yoga, you probably already know that yoga means ‘union’ which is that merging with the high self and the inner most truth, your divine nature. Through a comprehensive yoga practice that incorporates the yamas, niyamas, asana, pranayama, self-study, and meditation, we gently peel back the layers to unmask our true nature.

Using your yoga practice to still the mind is a wonderful way to prepare you to intuitively select your crystals. Here is a simple practice for reducing stress, getting you into your body, bringing you into the present moment and making it easier to get into your heart space, that place of love and non-judgment.

Yoga with Crystals Practice

Simply start by practicing a gentle flow becoming mindful of the body’s movement for the day, tuning into the joints, muscles and breath. This may include sun salutations, building on them with spinal twisting postures, forward folds, hip opening and balancing poses. Notice how easily you move. Notice the pace of the thoughts. There are no wrong postures. Simply move and allow yourself the time and space to be present in your practice.

When your mind can begin to slow down, your body is moving with ease and the breath is relaxed and steady, gently come into a seated position - easy pose or hero pose. Close your eyes and focus on the breath, taking five deep breaths. On each inhale, invite in earth energy through the feet and visualize an energetic chord anchoring you into the deep, molten core of the earth. With each exhale, feel the body move to a deeper state of relaxation. Call on the highest vibrations of love and light to assist you with selecting the right crystal for your highest good and for the benefit of all beings. Simply notice what you see and if any crystals come to mind. If there is an overwhelming visual or inner knowing, this is your crystal or a clue to what crystal may be wanting to support you.

If you aren’t sure or your wish to work with a broader base of crystals, some of which you may not even be familiar, you can also use a crystal card deck and intuitively select a card. The image of the crystal on the card itself can support you by simply tuning in to its vibration. After learning more about your selected crystal, you may decide you want to purchase it to have it physically present with you during this part of your journey.

Once you have selected your crystal, be sure it has been cleansed and cleared before working with it. You can place it on your mat and continue your asana practice. Or if you are ready for savasana, you can place the crystal above the head, below the feet, hold it in your hand or place it on the body. Simply relax as you normally would in your final relaxation. Notice any tingling sensations or heaviness in the body. There is no right or wrong way. Simply notice what comes up without judgement. Lie there for as long as you need.

In closing, give thanks to the wisdom keepers, angels and light beings who are lovingly assisting you on this journey and repeat three times either silently to yourself or a whisper, “thank you, thank you, thank you.”


When we choose crystals in this way, we may be surprised by what we find. It is a true practice of self-discovery, calling on our divine nature to show us more of ourselves and expand our understanding. Crystals have a natural way of coming into our lives and selecting us when we’re ready for their support. By calling them in versus assuming we know what we need, we open ourselves to greater growth and understanding. In its very essence, this journey of mindful unfoldment is the beauty of yoga. 

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