Top 5 Crystals for Mercury in Retrograde

Top 5 Crystals for Mercury in Retrograde 

top five crystals for mercury in retrograde
As we find ourselves in the clutches of yet another powerful astral event, called Mercury Retrograde, several people may be looking for ways to protect themselves and power through this seemingly tumultuous phase. 

I’ve compiled this quick guide to walk you through the effects of mercury retrograde along with my top crystal companions that will come in handy, and how you can use this planetary phenomenon to your advantage.

What does Mercury in Retrograde mean?

We know that the planets move around the sun from east to west, and that the moon tracks the sun. About 3-4 times a year, the planet Mercury appears to move from west to east instead, in the opposite direction as the Earth, and this phase is known as Mercury in retrograde. This period typically lasts for about three weeks at a time.

Although this is an optical illusion based upon the relatively lower speed of Mercury in this phase, astrologers and ancient cultures believe that a retrograde phase takes away the very qualities that a planet governs.

As per astrology, Mercury oversees communication, learning, technology, and travel. This is why we tend to blame Mercury retrograde for most of the mishaps and unfortunate events that happen in our lives in this phase – be it mixed up communication, messed-up exams or business deals, technology-related damage, missed opportunities, delayed flights, etc.

One may also experience a rollercoaster of emotions, alongside difficulty in making decisions or inability to focus on the task at hand. New projects may get delayed or face unforeseen challenges, and new purchases – especially tech-related – may seem like a bad idea.

mercury retrograde dates

All is not lost, however – it is possible to power through this challenging phase and even learn from it.

5 crystals that support you during Mercury retrograde

As with any times of high stress or rocky periods, I always reach for my crystals to help soothe my nerves and support me energetically. And Mercury retrograde is no different! Here are my top five go-to crystals for this three week period of unpredictable chaos.  


The master organizer, rainbow fluorite is especially helpful through the chaotic times. It offers organization and clarity in thought and communication, in addition to providing better insight and improved judgment. It also helps in structuring information, thus facilitating learning, and expediting progress. When Mercury retrograde botches communications and kicks up a wind storm of emotions making it difficult to think clearly, fluorite is the perfect companion. SHOP FLOURITE


Blue calcite

Blue calcite enables clear, proactive communication which supports the epitome of Mercury retrograde. It offers calming vibes and promotes healing and rest which can be most needed when Mercury hands us curve balls. Equally important, blue calcite allows the intuitive mind to step up whenever the logical mind fails to communicate clearly, allowing a higher and more powerful form of communication with others as well as the universe. Staying connected to your higher mind is one way to bypass the rhetoric in the thinking mind to stay grounded in a deeper inner knowing. SHOP BLUE CALCITE


blue calcite for mercury retrograde



A powerful communication stone, Sodalite supports both the third eye and throat chakras to boost your sense of knowing, connecting to your truth and communicating it with confidence and ease. It helps you to find your words and use them wisely. Because it bridges these two powerful energy centers, it also supports the flow of intuitive reasoning and insights into creative genius. Sodalite can be a steadfast companion through Mercury retrograde especially if you are giving a lot of presentations, writing, preparing business proposals, etc. SHOP SODALITE

sodalite points for mercury retrograde


Chrysocolla in its dreamy shades of turquoise and teals, supports the throat and heart chakras, making it wonderfully nurturing and supportive to communicating what’s on your heart. As Mercury creates frustration out of nowhere, the feminine energies of chrysocolla can help to soothe the nerves and reduce anxiety and stress. It can also be your trusted partner for healing old emotional wounds and helping you to embrace deeper truths moving forward. SHOP CHRYSOCOLLA

chrysocolla for mercury in retrograde

Desert jasper

Known as the ‘supreme nurturer’, desert jasper is known for comforting during times of high stress. This was the first stone I went for when my internet crashed at the start of retrograde! It is a wonderful stone to include during your meditation practice as well, as it will serve to stabilize the root chakra and impart vibrations of compassion and grounding. SHOP DESERT JASPER

desert jasper for mercury retrograde

For tips on how to work with crystal energy, check out my other blog on Five Simple Ways to Work with Crystals.

Turning Mercury in retrograde to your advantage

Despite the bad reputation, Mercury retrograde is not entirely worth raking over the coals – in fact, with some planning and awareness you may even stand to benefit from it. This tumultuous phase can even bring you luck and enhance the quality of your life, if utilized properly.

Revive old projects - Since new beginnings are risky during Mercury retrograde, it’s the perfect time to revive and strengthen old, forgotten projects that you were passionate about, but somehow couldn’t bring to completion.

Strengthen bonds with friends and family - As this retrograde phase fully supports actions that contribute to events and people in the past, it is also the perfect time for catching up with old friends and family members, to strengthen relationships and to reminisce about the great times you’ve had together.

Self-reflection and improvement - Mercury retrograde tends to evoke the past in several ways, making it the best time to reflect on past actions and thoughts to determine how you’d like to improve your life or align with a truer version of yourself.

Slow down – If you’ve been feeling burnt-out lately from the pressures of work and desperately seek some sort of balance, Mercury retrograde is the best time to put on the brakes to your fast-paced life, and simply relax a little. Taking some downtime to unwind and regroup on what’s important to you can result in some amazing outcomes.

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